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Natural repellents to get rid of roaches

Cockroaches can be a big concern for homeowners and businesses alike! Not only are these crawling insects synonymous with dirt and filth, but they can also spread a range of diseases, as well as trigger asthma and other allergies.

More often than not, the first sign of cockroaches leads people to try a handful of do-it-yourself roach control options to exterminate these pests from their property. The issue is many of the popular home remedies for cockroaches have a limited effect and often result in the infestation returning.

If you find that there are a lot of roaches around your home or property, contact the experts at Western Exterminator to get rid of them and keep them away for good.


Home remedies for cockroaches

There are many DIY cockroach control options that claim exterminate roaches as well as a handful of natural cockroach repellents. Below we’ve listed some of those remedies and how well they work.

Fabric softener

Fabric softener is thought to exterminate cockroaches by blocking the pores in their skin, causing them to suffocate. The method behind this home remedy is to mix 3 parts fabric softener with 2 parts water and spray the solution on the popular cockroach hotspots such as drains and trash cans.

Unfortunately, this method is not an effective home remedy for cockroaches. The success of this DIY control option relies on applying the spray directly to the crawling insect and cockroaches often operate out of human sight. Also, this method will only affect the cockroach that was sprayed and will not fully exterminate an infestation.

Coffee grounds

There are a couple of options when using coffee grounds as a DIY solution for cockroaches. One is to make a trap using a jar, water, and coffee grounds in order to drown them. Another is to sprinkle coffee grounds around your home to repel them. 

The issue with using coffee as a DIY cockroach control option is that the multiple methods of using this commonly found household product contradict one another. On one hand, it is used to attract cockroaches while on the other, it is used to repel them. The fact is, cockroaches have no opinion on coffee. They neither love it nor hate it.

Bay leaves

Bay leaves are another supposed natural cockroach repellent. This DIY solution requires a handful of bay leaves be pulverized into a powder and sprinkled around the cockroach hotspots in your home.

The idea behind this home remedy for cockroaches is that roaches cannot stand the scent of the essential oils released by crushed bay leaves. However, the scent produced by bay leaves is not powerful enough to repel cockroaches. Cockroaches will quite happily dive into a dinner consisting of animal feces, so the smell of bay leaves should be no problem.


The idea behind this DIY roach control option is to clean your home using a solution of water and lemon juice, as cockroaches cannot stand the scent of lemon. Although this home remedy for cockroaches can have some positive effects on cockroach populations, it is not due to the scent of lemon (this actually has no effect on cockroaches), but rather the act of cleaning itself.


Cucumber is also thought to be a successful DIY cockroach control option. This home remedy consists of placing slices or peels of cucumber out overnight around sinks, kitchen counters, and cabinets.

Many think that this home remedy for cockroaches works as a natural repellent as roaches hate the smell of cucumber, but you are more likely to attract these crawling insects than repel them.

Soap and water

Soap and water are regarded as a successful home remedy for cockroaches as it works in the same way fabric softener does. Like with fabric softener, this DIY cockroach control option requires creating a solution of soap and water and applying it to live cockroaches. The soap will block the pores in their skin and cause them to suffocate.

However, like fabric softener, this home remedy relies on applying it to live cockroaches. It will not fully remove an infestation from your property.

Professional cockroach control

The best way to exterminate cockroaches is with the help of a pest control professional.

The main issue with DIY solutions is that although they may seem to work, they will not fully remove cockroaches from your property. These solutions are only temporary. Because cockroaches normally operate in the dark, they may seem to have been eliminated to the untrained eye. However, more often than not, they are just hiding in a different area.

A pest control professional can:

  • Identify a cockroach problem
  • Offer prevention advice
  • Provide professional solutions to fully exterminate cockroaches
  • Ensure the infestation does not return.

Have a cockroach problem? Get in contact with Western today!

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