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Corona, like other communities in Riverside County, is filled with beautiful homes and known for great weather and beautiful scenery. People here take pride in your home and when pest issues arise, you want someone local who understands the pests common to the area and the people here. Western Exterminator has been a part of the Corona, California area for decades.

Western Exterminator pest control specialists are trained year round to provide reliable service for bed bugs, spiders, flies, ants, rodents and other pests. We make sure to eliminate the pest problem that's there and offer methods of prevention so that you don't have another infestation.

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Ron Quintana

Hi, I’m Ron. I like the pest control business because every day I am investigating and solving new customer problems. As a manager, I not only get to work through day-to-day pest control challenges but I get to coach employees and see them attain the next level in their own careers. Western has the experience, technology, training, and most of all the willingness to make our colleagues and our customers #1.

Termite control Corona, CA

One of the costliest pests around the world are termites. They are located on nearly every continent on the planet and they have only one mission in life - to eat wood. The types of termites in Corona, CA, can be eating away at wooden structures on your property for quite a long time before you even notice. That's why if you even suspect that you've found signs of termites, it's best to call the experts at Western Exterminator.

Western Exterminator termite control specialists know what they're doing and can spot the signs of a termite infestation quickly. We offer termite removal and prevention services that will get rid of the termites and prevent them from coming back to limit the damage.

Contact us today and ask to speak to a Western Exterminator termite control specialist.

Ant control for Corona, CA

Ants are always looking for food. Ants also divide the labor and they send out scouts to seek food and create trails to the food sources they find that bring more ants. That's why, during the spring and fall, you often find ant trails marching through your kitchen or home. Stop ants from walking through your home uninvited by contact your Corona ant control specialists at Western Exterminator.

Western Exterminator focuses on ant control solutions that remove infestations and then provide treatment to keep them away. We have a goal of providing pest control solutions that are holistic in nature and focuses on prevention so we can reduce the chemical treatments needed.

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