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Top 5 California cities for termites

Western Exterminator has been a part of the state of California for decades. It’s where our home base is and is the state where we got started. It’s also the place where we get most of our termite inspection, treatment and prevention calls. The warm weather and abundance of trees makes the state the perfect climate and place for termite infestations.

If you live in California, you may wonder if your city is one of the most active for termites. Western Exterminator is the expert in termite removal and prevention and we know which cities have the most termite activity. We present those top five cities for termite activities on the West Coast.

If you have found signs of termites, or think you may be seeing the signs of termites, contact your local Western Exterminator office.

Types of termites in the Western United States

The Western portion of the United States has a large number of termite species, but there are a few species more prevalent in the area. This includes the following:

Drywood termites - these types of termites do not like to spend as much time in the dirt as other species. They prefer to find their homes in cracks in homes and wood. They burrow their way into old logs and wooden structures. You may not see mud tubes with drywood termites, but you may find the damage to wood around the home.

Learn more here: Everything to know about drywood termites

Dampwood termites - these types of termites also do not tend to leave mud tubes, but as the name implies, they really like the wood to be damp. Dampwood termites will gravitate towards wood that has been in and around damp areas. Therefore, keeping wood dry around your home is key. These termites prefer to live in the wild and wooded areas where they can find damp wood on the floors of forests.

Western Subterranean Termites - these types of termites are the most common and most numerous in the western portion of the United States. They can be found as far north as British Columbia and all the way down the Southwest United States. The Western Subterranean Termite does create mud tubes originating near the ground and crawling up the sides of properties

The top 5 California cities for termite activity

5. Burlingame, CA

burlingame california

Burlingame is one of the hottest spots for termites for our California-based termite specialists. Why? Well, you can probably take a guess given the city's nickname: The City of Trees. The city is lined and clustered with eucalyptus groves. There are also a lot of residents here with homes built from wood and with wooden bones beneath their exterior. This makes for a perfect storm situation where termites have found a good source of food and a way to quickly infest the area.

4. Thousand Palms, CA

thousand palms california

Thousand Palms, CA, is a designated area in the Coachella region of California. Although Coachella is famous for being a desert, this does not mean it's a place barren from termites. In fact, termites thrive in a variety of climates. You can find huge termite mounds in deserts around the world. All it takes is some wood these insects can chew for the cellulose and there's a good chance for businesses and homes to end up with a termite infestation. The costs of homes in Thousand Palms is one of the reasons residents are quick to call in professionals to completely rid themselves of termites.

3. Riverside, CA

riverside california

Located not far from Los Angeles, Riverside, CA, has a climate just right for certain species of termites. The hot, dry summers with wet winters allow termites to thrive. Large colonies soon branch out to homes and businesses in the area to create new colonies. Riverside is known for its gorgeous homes and amazing architecture, all of which can be seriously damaged by termite infestations, which is why residents call for property inspections and termite service quickly.

2. Van Nuys, CA

van nuys california

Located in the San Fernando Valley, Van Nuys is one of those picturesque California communities people dream about. Van Nuys has a population of more than 130,000 people packed into a relatively small space. This, plus the climate, the easy access to trees and wood, and other environmental factors make it the perfect place for termites to set up their colonies and start devouring the wood right out from beneath residents and business owners. No one in Van Nuys or anywhere else wants to deal with the costs-termite-damage.

1. Los Angeles, CA

los angeles california

Of course, the top of the pyramid when it comes to California cities and termite activity is the city of Los Angeles. It stands to reason, given the fact this city was carved out of nature itself and is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. This many people with this much wood and plant life in one central location is like a termite's dream. Imagine looking at the world's largest buffet. That's what a termite sees when it spots all of the houses, buildings and wooden structures in the Los Angeles area.

Drywood termites are common in Los Angeles, and they do not leave telltale signs like subterranean termites, so you have to watch for them carefully. Any new homes or buildings on a property should be inspected for termites of all species.

The western subterranean termite is also very dense and common in Los Angeles, as they have spread up and down the West Coast of the United States.

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