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Commercial termite treatments for drywood termites

Across the world, one of the most common and costly pests for businesses and homes is the termite. These constantly-hungry insects are small, but they consume wood constantly. Consequently, they destroy buildings and other wooden structures effectively and efficiently. Termites also form large colonies which only adds to their destructive capabilities.

In the United States, one of the more destructive species of termite is the western drywood termite. This pernicious pest has been documented to cause roughly $250 million in damage per year. They are most common in California and Arizona, areas where the weather is warm and conducive to Western Drywood Termite infestations.

If you run a business in California or Arizona and discover wood crumbling to the touch or find other signs of drywood termites, contact your local Western Exterminator office to discuss our Western Drywood Termites fumigation services today.

Commercial termite damage

Whether the termites are drywood termites or Western Subterranean Termites, the damage these little insects do is immense. All species of termite have an insatiable need for cellulose, which comes from chewing up wood. This means termites eat twenty-four hours a day never sleeping or seeing an effect on their waistlines.

Termite soldiers provide this food for the rest of the colony. Buried deep within the colony is the queen termite whose entire life is spent producing eggs. Because termite queens can lay up to 30,000 eggs per day, this quickly increases the size of the colony.

Commercial properties can easily miss a termite infestation when they have large enough properties to manage. It may not be until floors or wooden structures become spongy or collapse that people notice the problem. Other signs of drywood termites include areas where windows and doors no longer close. Business owners may also find piles of discarded flying termite wings or piles of sawdust.

Western commercial termite fumigation

The most effective solution for getting rid of termites is the Western fumigation process. This process involves preparation and consulting with the business owners. Any tenants should be made aware of the procedure so that they can make accommodations elsewhere. Plants, animals and other living things must be removed. Foods must be sealed or removed to prevent any contamination from the fumes used to get rid of the termites.

Western commercial termite fumigation process

Termite fumigation tent

The process of termite fumigation, whether for homes or businesses, uses a tent to contain the fumigant. The fumigant is incredibly effective in eliminating termites within the wood during all of their life stages. Western Exterminator termite solution experts will consult with you about your business and discuss the preparations you will need to do before the fumigation, what happens during the fumigation, and what to expect afterward.

The tent will be placed over the location of the termite infestation so that gas can be pumped into the building. It may take a couple of applications and there might also be follow-up, localized, liquid applications to ensure the entire infestation of termites is removed.

The fumigant gas used is specifically designed to get deep into the wood and into the heart of the termite's nest to get rid of the termites, soldiers, queens, workers, eggs, and larvae. Then, once the application is done, Western Exterminator specialists flush the gas out of the building so there's no risk to those who come inside once the procedure is over.

Western Exterminator commercial termite experts answer questions

1) How often do commercial clients need or want a termite fumigation treatment?

  • 75% of the time, commercial clients will opt for a localized traditional liquid or heat treatment, although they are not always the most effective treatment

2) What are the benefits of fumigation treatment versus other treatments? Specifically for drywood termites?

  • If the infestation is widespread throughout a facility, our termite fumigation service is the only guaranteed solution to completely eradicate the issue. We warranty our work for fumigation and will cover termites in your entire facility.

  • The state of California requires pest control companies to offer fumigation services as the primary solution for ridding a property of termite infestations because it is the most effective solution. Of course, every client and situation is different, so we can also offer heat treatments, traditional liquid treatments, and Sentricon treatments when necessary.

3) Are there specific circumstances when Western Exterminator would recommend a fumigation treatment over a traditional spot treatment or heat treatment?

  • It depends on the infestation level and where the termites are coming from - the structure itself or from around the outside of the structure. In California, Western Exterminator has to recommend fumigation first. Then at the customer's request, and if it makes sense, we can look into doing a spot treatment or heat treatment.

Heat treatment pod

4) What do clients like about fumigation treatments over other termite treatments?

  • For clients opting for fumigation services over the other types of localized treatments, it’s typically because they have had multiple recurring termite issues and they want peace of mind, knowing that fumigation will completely eliminate the problem. While local liquid and heat termite treatments are good options for those who simply cannot close down production, these treatments are more of a band-aid solution since the termites could still be present outside of the areas we have identified and are locally treating.

5) What are some client concerns with a termite fumigation treatment?

  • Multi-family clients typically have the most concerns with termite fumigation services as they typically have to move tenants out of their homes for 1-2 nights. This can be problematic and expensive for the property manager. In reality, though the costs may be higher upfront, this is the best solution to solve a termite infestation in a multi-family property and we still have many clients that opt for the fumigation service for multi-family properties.

  • Often one of the biggest concerns our clients have with a termite fumigation treatment is what they have to do to prepare for the treatment itself. Clients assume everything has to come out of the building before Western Exterminator can perform a fumigation service, but this is not true. The only items that are absolutely necessary to remove are living things - people, pets, and plants.

Western Exterminator termite experience and warranties

At Western Exterminator we do over 150 fumigations per month and have been the leaders in termite treatments since 1921. Western Exterminator has all of the training and technical expertise to handle any termite infestation with the proper tools to solve the issue for customers. We stand behind our work and have some of the best warranties in the business.

Western Exterminator typically opts for fumigation treatments in most cases. We provide warranties on all of our fumigation jobs to ensure we take care of the problem and will treat it if anything comes back during the warranty. While Western Exterminator does warranty our work, it only covers the treated area.

For more information about warranties, it’s best to contact your local Western Exterminator office and inquire about warranties in your area.

Western Exterminator drywood termite solutions

Termite heat treatment pod

Western Exterminator offers a number of different options at various costs for businesses or homes to get rid of termites from the property.

For details on the procedures involved, the costs involved, and information about what you would need to do before and after a fumigation procedure, contact your local Western Exterminator office today. We can discuss your business’s needs and help schedule your termite treatment.

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