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Common Idaho cockroaches

Cockroaches have existed on this planet for millions of years and nearly every continent has them. The state of Idaho is no different. Idaho's climate varies from season to season and there are cockroaches that thrive in nearly all of them. So when winter comes to Idaho, you still need to worry about cockroaches.

Western Exterminator cockroach specialists know the tricks cockroaches have to try to thrive and survive during the winter in Idaho. Our specialists also know how to get rid of cockroaches across your property and inside your home. Contact your local Western Exterminator office in Idaho to discuss the cockroach treatments today.

Cockroaches are survivors. This is why they have managed to exist for millions of years, despite changes in climate and animal species dominance. There are three common cockroach species in Idaho, but transporting food and goods into Idaho can bring virtually any species there. The common cockroach species in Idaho are:

  • German cockroach - the number one champion of cockroaches in Idaho. German cockroaches are small, brownish-red colored with wings folded over the back. These pests hate the cold, which is why they move indoors and can be very common in the winter. There are more German cockroaches in Idaho than other species, so if you have spotted cockroaches in your Idaho home or building, you’ve likely spotted German cockroaches. This species is the most likely to create a full-on infestation in a home because they lay so many eggs and reproduce so fast.
  • Brown-banded cockroach - the next common Idaho cockroach on our list is the Brown-banded cockroach. These pests look a lot like German cockroaches, but they are a bit darker in color. Their wings don’t entirely cover their abdomen and they have the telltale light brown bands across the wings and abdomen.
  • American cockroach - The one species of cockroach endemic to America, this pest is also sometimes referred to as the ship cockroach, kakerlac or the Bombay canary. American cockroaches are reddish-brown in color and some of the largest cockroaches in North America, growing to about 1.6 inches in length and .28 inches tall. They have leathery forewings, chewing mouthparts and antennae divided into segments.
common idaho cockroaches

How do Idaho cockroaches get into the house?

All cockroach species are resourceful and small enough to squeeze their way inside through tiny cracks in the walls and foundations of homes and businesses. Cockroaches are generally looking for warmth and food as well as a place to build a nest.

Cockroaches can also get inside through openings when garbage cans or dumpsters are located right near windows and access points. Roaches can even hitch rides in products, boxes, produce and other items brought inside from outdoors.

common Idaho cockroaches

How to prevent Idaho cockroaches from getting indoors

One of the best ways to prevent cockroaches from getting inside is by repairing holes in siding, walls, brick, and screens. Installing door sweeps for garage and exterior access doors is also important. Additionally, make sure garbage cans, piles of garbage and dumpsters are away from doors and windows.

Roaches will use piles of wood and vegetation near homes and walls to gain access indoors. Move any woodpiles away from the wall and trim vegetation away from the siding. Additionally, make sure grass is trimmed and bushes and shrubs are neat and not directly up against the wall.

Keeping your house and kitchen tidy is also important. Just like ants, cockroaches will use food they find on the floor or under cabinets and kitchen counters as nutrients they can then use to start a nest and breed.

Western Exterminator in Idaho gets rid of roaches

It can seem like a daunting task to get rid of cockroaches on your own. The key to successfully removing roaches is to find where they're hiding and get rid of the entire nest. This can be tough for a homeowner since cockroaches are expert hiders.

Western Exterminator specialists know where cockroaches get in and can easily decipher their access points. Our specialists can provide the most effective treatment around your Idaho home or business to get rid of the roach infestation, regardless of the species. We can also offer ways to prevent cockroaches from returning.

The first step is a property inspection, so contact your local Idaho Western Exterminator office today.

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