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Reno, Nevada is known as the Biggest Little City in the World. We take that neighborly feeling seriously at Western Exterminator because we live in the communities that we serve. That's why we treat you like neighbors and do things that neighbors would do like show up on time and provide you with quality pest control so that you can enjoy your home and not worry about rodents or insects. Western Exterminator is the company for pest control in Reno, NV, that homes and businesses call when they want local, reliable, exterminators.

Our highly qualified, certified and trained pest control specialists service commercial or residential properties in Reno, Tahoe, Sparks and surrounding communities.

Why not call us at (775) 827-4333 or fill in our online form to schedule an appointment to see what we can do for you?

Reno pest control reviews

Ron Hall

Hi, I’m Ron, and I’ve been with Western for 29 years. I was working at a school district when I first learned about the pest control industry. After listening to our pest technician communicate about pests and their biology and the strategies she was using to help people solve problems and how she enjoyed the relationships she built with her customers, I was hooked! I take pride in the fact that Western is a good corporate citizen.

Carpenter ants in Reno

Carpenter ants are one of the most commonly encountered pest ant species in Reno and the surrounding areas. Western Exterminator helps customers keep ants out of their properties year round. Different species of ants require different treatment solutions. That's why our exterminators are continually trained to properly identify the most common ant species in Nevada. 

Carpenter ants are a concern for property owners as a infestation can result in property damage. The large black ants burrow into wooden structures to build their nests. If you're concerned about carpenter ants, contact us online to schedule a inspection at your property. 

Reno, NV, experts in pest prevention

We take an integrated pest management approach that inspects the entire property and talks directly to you to find the pests, the source of the infestation, and the ways pests are accessing your property. We stop the current infestation, but also create a barrier to prevent further problems.

Reno's climate means we get a wide range of pests. Some of them include rats and mice, flies and occasional invaders such as earwigs, silverfish, centipedes and crickets.

Tell us what pests your home or business has and we'll do what we can to help.

Reno bed bug control exterminators

Reno's many luxury casinos and hotels attract millions of visitors every year and with the high influx of tourists comes exposure to bed bugs. Western Exterminator offers bed bug treatment solutions for both businesses and homeowners. The team here in Reno prides itself in our ability to help customers get rid of pests like bed bugs fast and effectively. 

Get in touch today at (775) 827-4333 to schedule an inspection with with a Nevada-licensed bed bug exterminator. Our highly trained professionals will respond to inquiry fast, survey your property and clearly explain your treatment options if bed bugs are in fact identified. Backed global expertise and more than 90 years of pest control excellence, we will work with you to do everything possible to prevent infestations. 



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