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About Western Exterminator

Western Exterminator has been providing proven pest control solutions for nearly 100 years. Since 1921, we have been the most efficient and reliable answer for homeowners who need termite and pest control services to rid their property of nuisance pests.

Western Exterminator Nevada offices

To find a local Nevada Western Exterminator pest control specialist near you, click on a location below and set up an appointment.

Nevada pest control specialists

The specialists at Western Exterminator are your local Nevada pest control experts. We know how to deal with the unique dry weather and pest control issues Nevada residents and businesses deal with on a daily, weekly and yearly basis. Our highly trained pest control specialists in Nevada are ready to inspect your property, find the pests and remove them. We also offer reliable advice on preventing future pest infestations.

Whatever your Nevada pest problems are, we are the exterminator that can help. Our specialists can help with antsspidersbed bugsratswasps and more. Just call us and tell us what pests you're seeing.

Contact us today for an appointment and property inspection with one of our Nevada pest control experts.

Bed bug control Nevada

Nevada is the kind of place that bed bugs love. That's because we have major destination cities like Las Vegas and Reno. In these cities people live in relatively close spaces with each other in hotels, convention centers, casinos and more. Bed bugs love to hitch a ride in clothing and luggage, setting up their homes in your home. The brownish red insects can be a pest to both residential and commercial properties.

Fortunately, Western Exterminator offers Nevada residents prompt and reliable bed bug control services. We will use the latest techniques to identify the infestation and the latest treatments to get rid of the insects at all life stages. We provide thorough bed bug control services to make sure that the pests don't return.

If you've seen bed bug bites on your body, the first step is to contact us and set up an appointment with a Western Exterminator bed bug specialist today!

Spider control Nevada

The unique dry weather in Nevada means that we sometimes get some rather unique spiders inside the buildings and homes we live and work in. Spiders can be beneficial when they are under control, helping get rid of pests insects such as flies and some other insects that can damage gardens. However, when there are too many spiders, their webs make property look messy, come in contact with people and possibly bite people.

Fortunately, there are very few spiders in Nevada that pose a real health risk to people. However, any spider that feels threatened can bite. Overall, a spider infestation is upsetting if they are around your home and family.

Contact us today and set up an appointment with one of our Nevada pest control specialists and deal with the spider infestation straightaway!

Ant control solutions

Rid your property of ant infestations with the help of your local Western Exterminator team.

Cockroach control

Act fast and contact Western Exterminator to schedule an inspection with a cockroach control specialist.

Commercial pest control

Highly trained specialists. Knowledge of current legislation. Innovative solutions. Western Exterminator has your business covered. Find out more here.

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