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Pet friendly pest control

Pets are beloved and are often considered members of the family. Whether it's your dog, cat, rabbit, bird or hamster, we understand that when you hire a pest control service, you want to make sure your pet is not harmed in any way. 

Western Exterminator takes our commitment to protect your family and pets very seriously. All of our pest specialists are state-certified and trained with the latest pest control techniques and methods to ensure you are receiving the highest quality pest control service available. 

Our pest specialist take preventative measures to protect your pets prior to conducting our pest control services.

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Our Reduced Impact Residential Pest Control program treats and uses less chemicals.

Pests to protect your pets from

At Western Exterminator it's a priority of ours to keep our customer’s pets in mind when providing treatments. It's also important for us to educate pet owners on the pests that can harm dogs, cats, hamsters and other pets. Pests can transmit illnesses like Lyme disease and heart worm. 

Western Exterminator can't guarantee your pets won't contract a pest-related illness but we can reduce pest populations and as a result, reduce the likelihood of pet-health related complications.

  • Ticks Tick-borne illnesses like Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever can be transmitted to pets like, dogs and cats, as well as humans. Learning how to identify ticks and hiring pest control services to reduce tick populations on your property are proactive measures you can take to keep your pets safe. 

  • Fleas - A flea control issue can cause pets and humans discomfort due to the non-stop itching and scratching of flea bites. Fleas are also capable of carrying diseases like Cat Scratching Disease and can even carry tapeworms. Flea infestations can be stopped in their tracks with a little help from the professionals at Western Exterminator.

  • Mosquitoes - Did you know dogs and cats can contract heartworm from mosquitoes? Heartworm can make cats and especially dogs very ill. Mosquito bites will cause your pets to scratch, which may create open sores if not treated properly. 

Pest prevention tips for pets

Pest prevention is one of the best ways you can keep your pet safe from pest-related illnesses. Below you'll find preventative pest tips you can try in your home:

  • Keep pet food in air-tight containers

  • Clean up pet food from floor as soon as noticed 

  • Check water and food bowls for pests 

  • Keep pets in fenced in yard

  • After spending an extended amount of time indoors, check for fleas or ticks prior to entering home

  • Check toys for signs of insects

  • Place screens on windows and doors

Dog sleeping in the sofa

Pest control safety measures for pets

Below you will find just a few ways we ensure your dogs, cats, birds or other pets are protected during our pest control services. 

  1. Before doing an exterior application, our pest specialist will do a thorough inspection of the exterior and if any pets are found, the specialist will have the pets brought inside before the application begins.

  2. Pet water/food bowls, pet toys, etc. will be picked up and moved before exterior/interior application begins.

  3. Rodent baiting: We use tamper-proof bait stations that are anchored around the exterior of the structure that are locked and secured to keep children and pets out of them.

Pest control services near me

Your local Western Exterminator pest specialist will devise a comprehensive pest control solution plan that will identify, remove and prevent pests from returning in the future. We work around your family's needs and ensure all safety measures are taken when performing our pest control services. To learn more, call 855-599-1255 or contact us online

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