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Western Exterminator professionals have been providing reliable and trusted pest control that Ontario, California business owners and homeowners have depended on for decades. Our exterminators are trained to deal with all kinds of rodents and insects. Western Exterminator follows the pillars of integrated pest management in order to provide our customers with a more environmentally friendly approach.

Our local exterminators live and work in the San Bernardino County area and service communities such as Chino Hills, Rancho Cucamonga, Chino, Upland and more. We get to you fast to provide you with our reliable exterminator service.

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Ron Quintana

Hi, Iā€™m Ron. I like the pest control business because every day I am investigating and solving new customer problems. As a manager, I not only get to work through day-to-day pest control challenges but I get to coach employees and see them attain the next level in their own careers. Western has the experience, technology, training, and most of all the willingness to make our colleagues and our customers #1.

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Experienced pest control Ontario, CA

When you find you have pests in your property, you want a pest control company that gets the job done. Western Exterminator professionals will find the pest entry points, get rid of the infesting pests and recommend solutions on how to stop pests from returning.

We have the fumigation methods that you need to remove termites and bed bugs. We also provide reliable services to get rid of pest birds and other wildlife pests. We provide service year round to businesses and homes to protect your property and family.

Our pest removal experts can deal with most pests including mice and rats, bees and wasps, fleas and ticks, ants and more.

Cockroach control Ontario, CA

Cockroaches are not healthy insects to have around. In general, cockroaches like to feed on things that are not very healthy to humans, such as rotted food and even rotted flesh. They also like to crawl around in dumpsters and garbage, which means that cockroaches inside your home or business are traipsing across your kitchen counters and floors while leaving nasty bacteria behind that can lead to health issues.

Western Exterminator technicians are the experts in cockroach control Ontario, CA, businesses and homeowners call when they discover they have a cockroach problem. Just a couple of them can lead to a serious infestation and if you own a restaurant or hospitality business, a few roaches can ruin your reputation.

If you spot a few cockroaches scurrying to hide when you turn on the light at night, you might have a lot more hidden away. Call Western Exterminator and ask about our cockroach control treatments and solutions.



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