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Seattle bed bug exterminators

One of the most consistent pests around the world are bed bugs. Bed bugs have been bothering humans for centuries and, although there was a time when it seemed humans had them under control, they have come back in full force in recent years. Bed bugs in Seattle are a real problem for homeshotelsrestaurantsapartments, offices and businesses of all kinds.

Bed bugs are great at hiding, they feed on people at night, plus they are very hard to get rid of once an infestation starts. Just missing a couple of bed bugs hidden behind an electrical socket on the wall is enough to start a second infestation.

Western Exterminator Seattle has bed bug control specialists who use the latest methods to detect bed bugs to find where bed bugs are hiding. We offer bed bug treatments to get rid of bed bugs during all life stages and prevent them from returning.

Seattle bed bug infestations

Bed bugs can get into just about any building or onto any form of property. They are very good at traveling and within a large city with global traffic like Seattle, bed bugs can really thrive. Some areas of the world have learned to live with bed bugs more than others, plus airplanes and other forms of global travel can carry bed bugs from place-to-place. The insects can easily end up in luggage and clothing and transfer to homes, hotel rooms and other areas.

Bed bugs like to be close to where they can easily feed. They are small and can hide in the tiniest cracks or crevices. Yes, bed bugs will find places to hide and nest in beds, bedding, mattresses, bed posts and bed frames. However, they also hide behind photos and frames on the wall, within lights and behind electrical sockets. Bed bugs come out during the night because they want to feed on stationary people and do so while those people are sleeping.

Bed bug bites 101

Bed bugs have specialized mouthparts which they use to pierce the skin and into blood vessels located just below the outer layer of skin. Bed bugs also have secretions within their saliva which will prevent the blood from clotting and allow the blood to flow easily down into the stomachs.

Bed bugs feed because they need the blood to reproduce and lay eggs. These insects often come out and feed and then will take time to digest and reproduce, which means there can be breaks between feedings at first. However, once the bed bugs start to breed, there can be many bed bugs all feeding on people in there beds over the course of many nights.

Bed bug bites are red bumps or blemishes on the skin, usually in a line or tight cluster along arms, legs, torsos, necks and other body parts. The bites may itch, but not always. They can sometimes just appear like a red rash. bed bugs will likely be found in the morning when you get up or stand up from the sofa or other furniture which has been infested.

Bed bug bites are irritating and psychologically frustrating, but they are not considered medically significant. If you have allergies to insect bites, seek medical attention.

Signs of bed bugs in Seattle

The first signs you may have bed bugs are the bites. However, there are other things you can look for to confirm:

  • Shed skins - bed bugs go through several stages before reaching adulthood. Almost all stages feed on blood. They will shed their skin and leave that behind in bedding or around their hiding places.
  • Blood spots - when the bed bugs feed the tiny wounds will bleed and the anticoagulant can cause you to leave spots of blood behind on pillows and sheets.
  • Fecal spots - when bed bugs eat, they also expel fecal matter. This will appear as small brownish colored spots around the bed.
  • Foul odor - if the bed bug infestation is large enough, they will leave behind a musty odor that is hard to miss. Bed bug dogs can usually smell them well before a full infestation has happened which is why they are used to detect bed bugs.

If you find any of those signs or manage to spot the small, brown apple seed sized insects, you should contact a bed bug professional right away.

Western Exterminator in Seattle gets rid of bed bugs

Western Exterminator bed bugs specialists in Seattle are ready to help. Since bed bugs can be hard to see with hiding spots that are hard to find, it takes special training and skills to identify all of the places infested  and then implement specialized treatments to get rid of them. When treating for bed bugs you don't want to just get rid of the adults, but the eggs and larvae, too.

The Seattle Western Exterminator team can provide you with a property inspection and use all of the tools we need to find bed bugs and get rid of them. Contact our office today for more information.

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