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Residents and business owners in Kirkland, Washington know that they can call on the expert specialists at Western Exterminator when they have pest issues. We know that the Kirkland area is an area filled with businesses, homes, beaches, tourist attractions and a host of buildings and property that can attract a wide variety of pests.

Western Exterminator specialists are the experts Kirkland calls when they have bed bugs, spiders, ants or other pests. Our specialists know how pests such as insects, rodents and wildlife get into your home, their likely hiding places and how to get rid of them. We then work with you to create a prevention solution so we don't have to keep doing treatments and stop them from returning.

Contact the specialists at Western Exterminator to get a property inspection and discuss your pest control solutions.

Randy Moffat, Operations Manager Kirkland

My name is Randy Moffat and I have been in pest management for about 22 years. One of my greatest accomplishments is becoming an Associate Certified Entomologist. Pest control is much more than just a job for me, it is a passion.

Rat control in Kirkland, WA

Rats are not nice to have in your home uninvited. They have powerful teeth that allow them to chew through walls, but they also have a tendency to chew on wiring insulation which can lead to a fire. Rats are also notoriously dirty and bring with them parasites that can cause diseases from hantavirus to Bubonic plague.

If you think you have seen the signs of a rat infestation around your home or on your property there is a Kirkland, WA, Western Exterminator rat control specialist who can help. We know the ins and outs of what rats do, how they get in and what they are looking for that made your property attractive to them. That way we can set up an effective method of removing them and preventing them.

Contact your rat control specialist in Kirkland today!

Ant control for Kirkland, WA

For something so small, it is amazing just how much of a pest ants really are. They come in such large numbers and once a scout ant has set down a chemical ant trail, they come in force to bring food back to their nest. If that means traipsing across your kitchen floor, counters or anywhere else in your home, that's what they do. Those unwanted guests can be a continuing problem unless you call the Kirkland, WA, ant control specialists at Western Exterminator.

Ants will use any crack or crevice to get inside, and our specialists know how to find them and help seal that off. We then get rid of the current ant infestation, determining which species of ant is the problem and the right solution to remove them.

Don't live with ants or keep treating them using store-bought methods year after year. Get rid of ants once and for all by contacting Western Exterminator.



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