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How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies


Fruit flies are a real annoyance and very hard to get rid of once they get into your home. Given their size and the fact that they breed so fast, it is hard to find where they are coming from. It can also be very tricky to get rid of them since the most effective way of getting rid of fruit flies is by removing their breeding grounds.

At Western Exterminator, we are experts in how to get rid of fruit flies. We have been providing reliable fly control and fly removal solutions for homes and businesses for years. We know the best methods for determining where they are coming from and how to stop them from being a nuisance around your home and property.

If you feel that you have fruit flies, the first step is to contact the experts in how to get rid of fruit flies at Western Exterminator. We have two convenient methods for contact including our online form or give us a call at 800-937-8398.

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Where do fruit flies come from?

Fruit flies get their name because they prefer to breed beneath the skin of fruit that has started to go rotten. Their tiny size allows them to easily sneak into the home through screens and cracks and find their way to any fruit you have laying around, or even other foods. Although they are called fruit flies, they will find almost anything food-related attractive. This includes soda and spilled vinegar. 

Fruit flies love to use drains for breeding purposes, too. If your drains have not been cleaned in a while, this could be why fruit flies are finding your home or building particularly attractive.

Adult female fruit flies can lay up to 500 eggs at one time. The eggs only take approximately 30 hours to hatch, so your infestation can quickly go from bad to worse.

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Fruit fly infestation signs

If you see an abnormally large amount of tiny fruit flies lingering around your trash can, fruits and vegetables, or anywhere in your kitchen, then you may have a fruit fly infestation on your hands. Also, if you see fruit fly droppings in your kitchen area (which look similar to cockroach droppings) you may have a problem with fruit flies. 

Fruit fly treatment

There are plenty of DIY methods to be found, but without proper breeding site elimination, the fruit fly infestation will remain. To control fruit flies, doing things like cleaning the kitchen counters, cleaning and sterilizing garbage cans and dumpsters, and getting professional drain cleaning can help to a certain extent. Above all else, the key to effective removal is to find their breeding ground and Western Exterminator specialists can help you find where the fruit flies are coming from. For years now we have trained our technicians to find fruit flies and determine the areas of infestation and where they are accessing your home. We can inspect your home and property and find the access points and breeding areas.

We use an integrated pest management approach that limits the number of chemical treatments that are necessary to do effective pest management. We will find the right treatment for your home, pets and family. We will then work with you to find the right method of preventing fruit flies from returning, thus limiting the need for further treatments.

How to get rid of fruit flies in the house

Fruit flies are most active during the spring and summer but can be active inside all year if they have the right environment to live in. Usually, they are brought into homes through fresh produce bought at food markets or grocery stores. The most effective way to get rid of fruit flies from your home is to make your space undesirable for fruit flies to live in. We recommend keeping food products off of countertops and regularly cleaning surfaces to prevent an infestation.

Western Exterminator: Experts in fruit fly removal

Call us right away if you think you have a fruit fly infestation. They breed fast, so don't waste a minute. Our pest control specialists know how to get rid of fruit flies most effectively so that you can get back to pest-free living. Call us at 800-937-8398 or contact us online to schedule an appointment today!

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