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Chipmunk control services

Often confused with squirrels, chipmunks are small rodents with pudgy cheeks. Though they are in the same family as squirrels, they are smaller, ranging from seven to 11 inches in length. Depending on the species, they can be anywhere from gray to reddish-brown in color with stripes down their face and back.

These small rodents are found all over the United States. 24 of the 25 chipmunk species are found in North America, and despite how harmless they may appear, they do their fair share of damage. Chipmunks burrow and tunnel in the ground and feed on seeds and flowers, causing significant harm to lawns and gardens.

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Western chipmunk removal services

Chipmunks are primarily a nuisance pest, but when there are a lot of them, their inconvenience can quickly turn into a problem. The combination of their burrowing skills and large appetite is dangerous for your property.

Below are our chipmunk removal methods at Western Exterminator. If chipmunks are in abundance on your property, don’t waste your time on DIY methods. Leave it to us, the experts! Your Technician will find where the chipmunks are hiding and then provide a reliable method for chipmunk control.


Trapping will prevent chipmunks from regaining entrance onto your property. This chipmunk control method will be used on its own only if the chipmunk is a nuisance. Trapping and exclusion services will be used together to eradicate an infestation.

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How to get rid of chipmunks

There are various DIY methods to get rid of chipmunks, however, they are not completely effective. Most DIY chipmunk control methods do not eliminate every single chipmunk on your property and missing even a few of these small rodents can lead to the formation of another infestation.

Aside from working with a professional pest control company, one of the best ways to help control chipmunks on your property is to remove the things that may attract them to your home or business.

  • Remove woodpiles, vegetation, and debris from around your home - woodpiles and collections of debris provide chipmunks with a sheltered location to set up a home.
  • Keep pet food covered or bring it inside.
  • Keep bird feeders raised off the ground.

Signs of chipmunks

Chipmunks don’t hide the fact that they are in your yard. Below are the most common signs that you have chipmunks on your property.

  • Holes

    Chipmunks are well known for digging many tiny holes that lead to their tunnel systems found underneath your property. These tiny holes can be found throughout your yard and in your mulch beds.

  • Damage

    Chipmunk activity can leave your decks and other yard structures damaged, requiring expensive repair projects. In addition to the damage their holes, tunnels, and burrows cause to your yard, chipmunks will destroy your yard or garden by eating your flowers and plants. Chipmunks will also steal the seeds and nuts from your bird feeders.

  • Tunnels and burrows

    Chipmunk burrows and tunnels are typically many feet long and provide storage for all of their food. The deep networks of many side-tunnels can compromise the structural integrity of the ground. If chipmunks are burrowing under your home or business, your property’s foundation may be in jeopardy.

Western Exterminator gets rid of chipmunks

Are you concerned about a potential chipmunk infestation in your home or business? Contact Western Exterminator today to find out about our reliable chipmunk removal services. Your Western Exterminator Technician will not only provide control and removal solutions, but will also make recommendations to help you prevent future problems with invasive wildlife.

Our chipmunk control Technicians are state-certified and follow all state and local regulations in performing wildlife management services for nuisance animals. For more information about removing chipmunks from your property, contact us online or call 800-937-8398.

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