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Common Arizona cockroaches

In Arizona, there are about 20 different cockroach species. Many of these cockroach species live mainly outdoors and thrive in rural areas, but several species have adapted to an urban setting and can become a nuisance in homes and commercial buildings.

Most cockroach species are nocturnal and prefer darkened areas, so it may be hard to spot an infestation until it is advanced. Understanding traits of the common species that infest homes and buildings can be helpful in infestation prevention.

Cockroaches can really ruin your reputation as a homeowner and a business owner. They also bring with them the risk of bacterial infections and other issues. Contact Western Exterminator if you have a cockroach infestation to get rid of cockroaches and prevent roaches from coming back.

German cockroach

Black and brown German cockroach on a grey rock with a yellow backgound

The German cockroach is the most common species found in Arizona homes. The German cockroach prefers hot, humid areas where food in plentiful, so these roaches are most commonly found in kitchens and other indoor areas. These roaches typically gain entry into homes by traveling in furniture, dry pet foods, cartons, and other containers.

German cockroaches are small, typically about ½ inch to 5/8 inch long, and are light brown in color. German cockroaches have wings, but rarely fly. Female German cockroaches produce more eggs per capsule than most other cockroaches. This allows German cockroaches to infest buildings quickly if prevention measures are not in place.

Turkestan cockroach

Close up view of Turkestan cockroach on white background

Turkestan cockroaches are about an inch long and are typically found outdoors. Males have tan wings and are long and slender, while females are rounder and shorter with cream-colored stripes around the edges of the wings.

In the hot summer months, these cockroaches may seek indoor food sources because of population increases. Keeping doors and windows sealed properly and keeping the home clean and sanitary will help prevent Turkestan cockroaches from entering the home.

American cockroach

Close up view of American cockroach on white background

American cockroaches are also known as sewer roaches because they typically enter into homes through sewer pipes or water sources. American cockroaches are larger than most other species, growing to about 1-1/2 to 2 inches long. These roaches are typically reddish-brown with a yellow band around the head.

Although adult American cockroaches have well-developed wings, they are seldom known to fly. American cockroaches can live indoors or outdoors, but prefer to be near a water source in a warm area with plenty of food, so homes that are not kept sanitary provide a suitable environment.

Brown-banded cockroaches

Close up of Brown-banded cockroach on white background

Brown-banded cockroaches are smaller than most other cockroach species, typically growing to about ½ inch. Male brown-banded cockroaches are light brown, long and slender, with wings that cover the entire abdomen. They often fly when disturbed. Female brown-banded cockroaches are darker brown and rounded, with wings that do not cover the entire abdomen.

Brown-banded cockroaches prefer dry, hot environments, so these cockroaches are more likely to be found in elevated areas such as behind picture frames, in refrigerator housings, and behind dressers. These cockroaches are difficult to prevent from entering the home but may be controlled using baits or professional services.

Desert cockroaches

Desert cockroaches are only found in the driest regions of the world. Female desert cockroaches are black, oval-shaped, and wingless. Males are brown and longer with fully developed wings that are capable of flying. Desert cockroaches absorb and retain water to survive, and are most commonly found burrowing through sand dunes outdoors.

Desert cockroaches may enter homes in search of food, but typically do not breed in homes or infest. Setting traps and keeping doors and windows sealed tightly will help to control desert cockroaches.

Get rid of cockroaches with Western Exterminator

Don't try to get rid of roaches on your own. They are very good at hiding and if you miss just a couple of them, they can reproduce and create a whole new infestation. It takes professional tools and methods to find all of the roaches on your property and to offer a solution to get rid of cockroaches and prevent their return.

Contact Western Exterminator today and get a specialist out to the house to find where the roaches are hiding, how they are getting in, and for a solution to get rid of them.

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