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Arizona pest control experts

Western Exterminator is proud to be one of the most trusted local exterminators in Arizona. Our highly trained and certified specialists are ready to help residents and business owners in Arizona deal with the unique variety of pests that they might encounter on a daily basis.

Pest infestations are nothing to be cavalier about. We take them seriously and can help protect you, your family and your health by dealing with rodents, insects, birds and wildlife problems. Contact us and set up an appointment with one of our Arizona pest control experts today.

Weeds in your lawn?

Fighting lawn weeds is vital to protecting your lawn. Learn more about our lawn weed control in Arizona.

Eliminate bed bugs!

Western Exterminator experts can remove an infestation in your home.

Bed bug control Arizona

Bed bugs are nasty insects that can infest homes, businesses, hotels and other properties very quickly. They subsist on blood from humans and are very good at hiding once they feed. This makes bed bugs hard to find. Attempting to get rid of bed bugs on your own is highly difficult. As bed bugs can spread very quickly, it is best to work with a licensed pest control professional to eliminate the infestation.

Fortunately for Arizona residents, bed bug control exterminators are on call at Western Exterminator. We are trained in the latest techniques of identifying and treating bed bugs, including heat treatments. Count on our pest specialists to remove the infestation and offer advice for preventing their return.

Contact our Arizona bed bug experts today and be bed-bug free.

Scorpion control Arizona

One of the unique Arizona pest problems that we encounter are scorpions. The largest and most venomous scorpion in North America happens to make Arizona its home: the Arizona Bark Scorpion. Although they prefer to live on trees and outside, when temps drop scorpions seek warmth in places like your home. A scorpion infestation can lead to stings that are painful and risky for those with insect sting allergies.

Western Exterminator is your Arizona scorpion control specialist. We can help you remove scorpions from around your home. We know where they like to hide and how they can get inside. Once we remove the scorpions, we can offer an ongoing treatment plan that will help prevent scorpions from coming back.

Don't waste another minute and risk a scorpion sting! Contact your local Arizona scorpion exterminator today!



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