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Santa Rosa is the largest city in the North Coast wine country of California. Being one of the prominent tourist destinations for one of the largest states in the country, Santa Rosa experiences unique pest issues throughout the year. Residents and property owners need to deal with pest problems all year long due to the warm weather. For reliable, local pest control, there's Western Exterminator nearby.

Western Exterminator pest control specialists know Santa Rosa pest control needs are unique. Whether the issue is bed bugs, occasional invaders, rodents, gophers or other pests, our trained specialists can help. We use methods that focus on getting rid of the problem and preventing further pest invasions, resulting in less usage of chemicals throughout the year.

Contact your local Western Exterminator pest control office in Santa Rosa and set up an appointment with one of our specialists today.

Dale Ingold

Hi, I’m Dale. Over the years I have worked as a termite technician, assistant manager, pest control technician, service center manager, and now district manager. Not only do I get to work outside, but in this job no two days are the same. Most of all, I have a great, personal connection to the people I work with, and that has kept me in this business, and with Western Exterminator, for forty-five years.

Cricket control Santa Rosa, CA

Crickets by themselves are not a problem. The insects can find their way indoors and they make noise, but they are harmless one at a time. The problem begins when a large number of crickets get together in a swarm and start feeding on plants and crops. For those who have crops and plants in Santa Rosa area, cricket control is essential and that can come from your local Western Exterminator office.

Western Exterminator specialists know how to deal with pests like crickets, which are often referred to as occasional invaders, whenever they become a problem throughout the year. We will work with wineries and other growers to come up with a cricket control solution.

Contact your Santa Rosa Western Exterminator office to set up an appointment today!

Termite control for Santa Rosa

One of the most damaging insects in the world is the humble termite. They may be small, but they group in such large numbers that they cost homeowners millions of dollars in property damage each year. In California, they can be hard to spot until extensive damage is done. That's why it pays to have your Santa Rosa termite control specialists from Western Exterminator over to your property to inspect and look for termites.

Western Exterminator's trained and certified termite specialists know what signs to look for and offer solutions that will get rid of a termite infestation. We also provide termite monitoring solutions that will stop termites from coming back.

Contact the Santa Rosa Western Exterminator office today and discuss our termite control options with one of our specialists.



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