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Western Exterminator (formerly Alpha Ecological) is your local exterminator and expert for pest control services including ant control, rodent control, flea control, bee removal, rat control and more. 

Common pests in Portland and across Oregon include: carpenter ants, bed bugs, fleas, bees, and rats.

Western Exterminator, a Portland pest control company, provides green pest control services, which includes crawl-space restoration to the entire Portland area. Our highly trained pest control specialists are local and know what pests might be in your home or on your property and where they are likely hiding. Our pest control specialists make sure they don't spray too many chemicals and strive to be green and earth-friendly. 

Western Exterminator Portland services a number of areas in and around the Portland area. These areas include: 

  • Vancouver
  • Camas
  • Beaverton
  • Tualatin
  • Tigard
  • Hillsboro
  • Clackamas
  • Gresham
  • Salem
  • Multnomah County
  • Clark County

Our Western Exterminator local pest control specialists will provide you with a green approach to pest control that will provide you with peace of mind about the treatment and about the pests around your home. Contact us by calling our local office or using our online form.

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Portland pest control reviews

Jim Roderick

Operations Manager - Portland, OR

I've had the pleasure of working for Western Exterminator Company for nearly 5 years. My experience in the pest control industry spans over 25 years. One of my favorite parts about the job is having the opportunity to work with customers and help solve and prevent their issues.

Bed bug control Portland

Bed bugs are tiny nocturnal insects that feed on blood. They prefer to sneak out of their hiding places and feed on humans. They often feed multiple times a night on the same person, leaving a neat row or arrangement of red bite marks come morning.

The tricky part about bed bugs in Portland, OR, is that they are hard to see and even harder to get rid of. That's because bed bugs can hide almost anywhere in a room. It only takes missing a couple of bed bugs with a treatment for a brand new infestation to break out. Western Exterminator is Portland's local expert in bed bug control, removal and prevention.

Contact us today and set up a property inspection to get rid of bed bugs on your Portland property.

bed bug (Cimex lectularius)

Carpenter ant control Portland, OR

Carpenter ants are not quite like termites. Termites actually eat wood in order to survive. Carpenter ants destroy wood by burrowing into it, creating a network of tunnels for their nests and to nurture eggs and raise their young. Carpenter ants shove the wood shavings and sawdust out of the holes they create. Many customers do not become aware of carpenter ants until they notice rotted-away wood.

The Portland, OR, area is just the right kind of environment for carpenter ants. You may not realize you have them - at first. Signs of carpenter ants include chewing sounds, wood shavings, or small holes in wood structures. The wood-destroying insects can do serious damage to wooden structures and cost you a lot of money in repairs. Fortunately, Western Exterminator has local Portland carpenter ant professionals who can help.

Contact us today and tell us about the signs of carpenter ants you have seen. We'll get a pest specialist out to inspect your property and confirm the infestation. Western Exterminator will remove carpenter ants and provide methods and advice to ensure they don't come back to do more damage.

Commercial pest control for Portland, OR

Along with providing service to residential properties, our team in Portland, OR, is very experienced in partnering with businesses. Whether you work in a highly regulated industry or not, Western Exterminator specialists have the tools and training to protect your properties from pests.  

We take an integrated pest management approach to pest control. We inspect the entire property to find the pests, the source of the infestation, and the ways pests are accessing your property. Our Oregon-licensed professionals will not only stop the current infestation, but also help you to prevent further problems.

Portland's climate means we get a wide range of pests. Some of them include rats and mice, flies and occasional invaders such as earwigs, silverfish, centipedes and crickets.

Question & answer

What's the cost of pest control in Portland?

The cost of pest control varies from from task to task. A lot depends on the nature of the pest and whether or not the pest infestation is at a home or a business. Some pests take a lot more to get rid of and takes subsequent follow-ups and additional treatments to ensure the pests are completely gone. Your best bet is to contact the Portland office and discuss your pest control needs.

How fast do you respond to my pest control problem?

Western Exterminator pest control specialists in Portland, OR, live and work in the areas they serve. As such, we make every effort to respond as quickly as we can. That being said, it is impossible to set a standard on this as it depends on schedules and other factors. Your best bet is to contact the local Portland office and discuss your needs and set up a time with one of our specialists that way.

What is the pest control process?

The first step is to call your local Western Exterminator office, and we are located in the Portland area - not far from you. You will discuss your pest control concerns for your home or business with our phone representative and then a property inspection will be set up.

Once our pest control technician comes to your home, they will do an inspection, search for signs of pests and then provide a full report to you with what they believe your pest control needs are and the recommended next steps. It will then be up to you to set up treatment appointments and follow-ups to ensure the pests are removed and that the pests stay away.



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