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How long do fleas live?

Whether or not you own a pet, you may be concerned about fleas at your property, and for good reason. Fleas can spread disease and irritate your beloved pet, so you need to do something right away if they infest your premises. So, how long do fleas live, anyway? In truth, that is a hard question to answer because flea lifespan can vary based on the conditions, such as humidity.

Additionally, the flea life cycle can continue without limit (fleas can keep laying eggs and beginning a new cycle), so you should not delay treatment for a flea problem. Find out more below about flea life and contact Western Exterminator if you have seen signs of fleas at your home or business. We will check out the issue and treat your property so the fleas are gone.


How long can fleas live?

Again, it is tricky to pin down one number to answer this question. But the pupae stage, which comes after the egg and larva stages, can actually last from a single day to a year (in abnormal situations), but this can be affected by factors like carbon dioxide. The cat flea is the most common household flea, and because cat grooming gets rid of some of these fleas, adults typically live just several days. If they are not eliminated, cat flea adults are capable of living longer.

How long can fleas live without a host?

Lack of food likely means bad news for a flea - it may only live for mere days if it lacks a host. Cat fleas will not lay eggs if they have not consumed blood. A cat flea female stays on a host and feeds often (and it could lay as many as 450 eggs). Note that fleas may stay in your home or business even after hosts have been taken away.

In terms of hosts, cat fleas can feed on mammals such as dogs and rats. It is possible for more than one flea species to be located on one animal. Flea eggs laid on a host fall on the carpet, pet bedding or other place where the animal rests. Eggs hatch in up to 12 days.


How long do fleas live in carpet?

Fleas can remain in carpet without end unless intervention takes place. Due to the eggs falling into the carpet or other animal resting place, the eggs hatch and larvae and pupae can then be found in the carpet. Adult fleas, however, are typically on the animal.

Vacuuming can help get rid of eggs and larvae in the carpet. Vacuuming can also encourage fleas to leave the pupal casings and therefore be affected by pest control products. Make sure you close and throw away the vacuum bag outdoors. Be sure to vacuum prior to getting flea treatment at your property.

Can fleas live on humans?

Cat fleas do not reside on humans, although they can still feed on people. When you are bitten by a flea, the bites often occur on the ankles. Bites can result in welts that itch. This could signify you have a flea issue.

Flea problem?

Fleas may have short lifespans, but they are still a threat to your home or business whether you live in a big city like Los Angeles or in rural areas. If you suspect you have a flea issue, you should get in touch with a flea professional. A Western Exterminator flea expert can find out where your pets spend time and supply appropriate treatment. We have good knowledge of flea control and will focus on getting rid of an infestation.

Do not hesitate to take action when you think fleas are out and about. Reach out to Western for an inspection today!

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