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8 ways to keep your patio pest-free

The warm seasons are the perfect time of year to get outside and enjoy the weather. However, you might love your patio even more if it weren’t for those pesky fliesmosquitoes, and other bothersome insects. Although pests embrace the weather as much as you do, you don’t have to share the same space with them. Learn how to keep bugs away from your patio with our list of tips.


Identifying stubborn insect pests

House flies, fruit flies and mosquitoes come out in the spring and make life miserable for people on their patios. In addition, bees and wasps come flying in and threaten you with their stingers. They may also build nests near doorways and windows that may prevent you from coming outside. But why should we let tiny insects prevent us from going outdoors and enjoying the weather? With a little preventative maintenance, you can keep these pests and more away from you and your patio.

Identifying the specific pest problem that is plaguing your patio is instrumental in finding the solution. Let the insect control experts at Western Exterminator give you peace of mind and get you one step closer to backyard fun. Call us at 800-937-8398 or send us a message today.

Tips for creating a pest-free patio

When you’re outdoors, it can be difficult to control insects in such an expansive environment. Luckily there are some things you can do to lessen the disturbance and annoyance they cause. Here are eight things to try right away.

1. A clean patio is a pest-free patio.
Sweep up any crumbs and wipe away spilled liquids when dining on your patio. Even the smallest food morsel or a sticky substance can attract ants and other insects.

2. Refresh your lighting.
Replace your white bulbs with yellow bulbs or sodium vapor lights. The orange or yellowish glow may not attract as many insects.

3. Plant a few herbs.
Garlic and rosemary can repel biting insects. You can also plant a small chive and lemongrass garden to ward off other pests.

4. Burn citronella torches.
Citronella drives away bothersome insects such as flies and mosquitoes. You could also combine the torches with citrus candles for twice the pest-fighting action.

5. Spray essential oils in the space.
Spray water with lavender or eucalyptus around your patio to create a natural pest barrier. Spraying it on you can also help keep bugs away.

6. Grow pest-deterrent flowers.
Planting marigolds around your patio can help you fight against mosquitoes and other biting and stinging pests. Place a potted marigold container on your patio table as extra protection.

7. Break out the mouthwash.
Mint-flavored mouthwash can help repel mosquitoes from your patio. Spray your tables, chairs and patio perimeter with mouthwash to create a fresh scent and a pest-free space.

8. Use hydrogen peroxide.
Create a spray mixture with hydrogen peroxide and water for use as a pest repellent. Spray your patio surface and perimeter, taking care not to use the mixture on food or drinks.

Residential pest control

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