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Organic & green pest control services

Western Exterminator understands green pest control is an important factor for homeowners when choosing a pest control company. When applications are made, we concentrate on specific target areas, applying only the product that is needed to eliminate the pests, and no more. A large component of green pest control is the prevention of infestations. Being proactive reduces pesticide usage and the likelihood and severity of infestations. 

Western Exterminator began testing organic pest management products for home pest control to reduce our impact on the environment by cutting back on our pesticide usage while still providing high-quality pest control. 

Environmentally friendly products are a component of our green pest control program. Western Exterminator technicians rely heavily on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques, with a focus on inspection and removal of pest-friendly environments, eliminating food and harborage areas.



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Certified green pest control

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) defines BioRational pesticides as “inherently different from conventional pesticides, with different mode of actions and lower risk of adverse effect from its use.” Overall, characteristics of BioRational pesticides include:

  • Different mode of action than conventional pesticides (organophosphates, carbamate, pyrethroids)
  • Low or no adverse risk to non-target organisms including humans, wildlife, and environment
  • Less persistence or rapid degradation in environment
  • Specific target pest
  • Low use rate
  • Works well with Integrated Pest Management program
  • Reduces the reliance on conventional pesticides

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Western's green pest control service

Environmental responsibility is not something we take lightly at Western Exterminator, and we know the elements of green pest control. The following principles guide us in our pest control and pest removal service.

  • We inspect - A thorough search of your property will reveal what is attracting pests.

  • We eliminate access points - Without a way in, pests won't be able to come back.

  • We monitor - This allows us to quickly find signs of trouble and take care of them before it's too late.

  • We use the right materials - Using traps and bait, we do what we can to reduce the use of chemicals to keep you and your family safe.

  • We use pesticides selectively - When there isn't another option, we sometimes have to turn to chemicals as a last resort. But we only use enough to get the job done and no more.

  • We get rid of pests - We don't stop at pest elimination. Once we take care of your pest problem, we'll take necessary action to prevent them from coming back.

What is green pest control?

At Western Exterminator, our approach to green pest control is rooted in Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM programs apply pest control products with discretion and seek to minimize hazard.

Your Western specialist can provide recommendations on how to prevent pests and apply treatment in an effort to minimize impact on the environment.

Western Exterminator green pest control: a partnership

In addition to prioritizing environmentally friendly and organic approaches to pest control, it is important to us to keep an open channel of communication with you. Working together, we can best determine what pest is causing problems on your property and select the best solution for you.

At Western, we strive to be more than just pest control experts. We form a partnership with you, working with you to provide an individually-tailored treatment approach for your needs. We will advise you all year long about ways to prevent pests from becoming a problem. And of course, we are happy to discuss with you about green pest control.

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