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For homes and business in Santa Barbara, CA, there's just one name to call when they need pest control: Western Exterminator. Our yellow trucks, yellow shirts and Mr. Little mascot are famous all over California. Here at Western, we pride ourselves in providing reliable pest control services for residential and commercial property all over the Santa Barbara County area. As a trusted part of the community we have become the exterminator Santa Barbara, CA, citizens call for pest control services. We can provide pest control for a variety of pests including cockroaches, bed bugs, earwigs and mosquitoes.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How much does pest control cost?

    There are many factors that determine the cost of pest control, which makes it impossible to give a fixed price for treating each pest.

    The price is determined by factors including:

    • Pest type
    • Extent of the infestation
    • Treatments chosen
    • Number of treatments
    • Size and type of property

    We will do an initial survey and present you with a quote and recommendations for your specific pest problem. See more details on our Pest control prices page.

    To request a quote please contact us online …

  • What areas do you service in Santa Barbara?

    All of our exterminators are local, which is how they provide you with fast, responsive service. We know you want pests removed quickly, so we make sure we get there on time and resolve your pest problems the right way. Our local team proudly services customers in Santa Barbara, Carpinteria, Goleta, Lompoc, Santa Maria and many other towns and cities in the area.

    Our local Western Exterminator specialists service the entire Santa Barbara area and surrounding communities such as:

    • Santa Maria
    • Lompoc
    • Goleta
    • Orcutt
    • Isla Vista
    • Carpinteria
    • Montecito
    • Guadalupe
    • Vandenberg Village
    • Solvang

    Call us at (800) 937-8398 or use our online form to schedule an appointment.

  • How do I get rid of bed bugs?

    This is one of our most frequently asked questions in Santa Barbara! The large number of visitors means these pests are frequently brought into hotels, apartments and homes in luggage. For businesses, it is essential to have a monitoring programme to detect bed bugs as early as possible.

    Once you have an infestation it is important to thoroughly survey your property to establish the extent of an infestation. There are many places where bed bugs can hide. Our technicians are highly trained to survey a property and determine the best available treatments.

    There are a number of treatments available to eradicate all the life stages of bed bugs, including non-chemical and chemical treatments.

    Check out our bed bug pages for more advice on detection and treatments to eliminate bedbugs

    If you need help now contact us online … or call us at (800) 937-8398

  • What is effective home pest control?

    An effective home pest control treatment plan will remove the pests which are causing the problem and currently infesting the property. This plan would then be most effective in providing solutions which will prevent further infestations. This may include advice on making structural updates such as fixing holes in siding or screens or advice on doing minor repairs around the home in order to keep pests out of the home. The fewer treatments necessary to get rid of pests and keep them away, the better it is for your home and for the environment.

  • What is the pest control process?

    In Santa Barbara, working with your local Western Exterminator pest control specialist all starts with either contacting us via our website or calling our local office. Our specialists will schedule a time to provide a free property inspection. We then provide you with the results of that inspection, discussing the pest issues we find and what the recommended treatments are. You can then schedule a time for those treatments and any follow up treatments at that time or at a date of your choosing. The specialists will work with you to find the best time to provide the treatments and offer you assistance in preparing for their visit.

Licensed exterminators serving your Santa Barbara home

Santa Barbara, CA, is a busy metropolitan area with dozens of different types of pests which can infest properties all across the area. Your home can become infested with any manner of insects and rodents from spiders, cockroaches, bed bugs or mice and rats. Fortunately, Western Exterminator is right nearby to provide reliable pest control services for your home.

Whatever your pest control needs are, Western Exterminator can help. Contact us today and find out what a California-licensed Western Exterminator pest control specialist can do for you.

Santa Barbara ant control experts

Ants are one of the most common pests we encounter here in Santa Barbara. There are numerous pest ant species active in the area, including argentine ants and carpenter ants. Although small, ants can present big problems for property owners, including food contamination and disease. 

Call on your local friends at Western Exterminator for ant control solutions that eliminate infestations and repel ants from your property. 

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Commercial pest control in Santa Barbara

Western Exterminator has expertise in many business sectors including healthcare, multifamily housing and facilities management. We have knowledge of the stringent food safety laws that govern businesses in the food supply chain including food processors, grocery stores, hotels and restaurants.

We can advise on building protection, pest prevention and treatments that enable our customers to fulfil auditing requirements and remain legally compliant with food safety laws and regulations.

Earwigs in Santa Barbara

Earwigs are six-legged insects which have been around for millions of years. In fact, fossil records show prehistoric versions of earwigs dating back to the late Triassic or early Jurassic period. This is roughly two hundred million years ago. Earwigs are insects which make up the order known as Dermaptera. There are known to be more than 2,000 species of earwig separated into 12 families. These insects are found on every continent save for Antarctica.

In Santa Barbara, CA, earwigs are common especially during wetter months such as during the fall and winter. Residents often find earwigs in their homes and crawling around places like laundry rooms or near doors which have been left open. Earwigs in Santa Barbara, CA, are not considered dangerous. Mostly they are a nuisance pest and are indicative of other issues around the home. If you want to prevent earwigs inside your home, make sure doors are closed, screens are repaired if they have holes, and that any hole or opening leading outside is sealed up. Repair holes in siding and make sure garage doors, sliding patio doors and any door leading outside has a sweep which goes all the way to the ground as earwigs searching for insects to eat may crawl under a space at the bottom of a door.

If you feel you have too many earwigs around your Santa Barbara, CA, home or on your commercial property, contact your local Santa Barbara, CA, Western Exterminator today.

Mosquitoes in Santa Barbara

Mosquitoes have managed to truly earn their very bad reputation. Even the largest mosquitoes on the planet are very tiny compared to humans or even the largest meat-eating predators on earth. Despite this, they are the known vector for so many diseases and are ranked at the very top of the deadliest creatures known to man. The rumor is that California doesn’t have to worry about mosquitoes, but this is far from the case. If you live in Santa Barbara and have been outside during the dawn and dusk you have probably run into these blood-sucking insects.

Mosquitoes are most active when the air starts to turn cool. In fact, during the day mosquitoes will rest in shaded areas such as among trees or beneath decks and other objects. They prefer to find blood to feed upon during dusk and dawn hours. If you plan on eating dinner outside or having a family event as the sun sets, you might find yourself slapping at these insects as they feed on your family.

You can contact your Santa Barbara, CA, Western Exterminator specialist to get rid of mosquitoes. We offer an effective mosquito service which will prevent mosquitoes from returning.

Pest fumigation solutions in Santa Barbara

With pests like termites and bed bugs common in Santa Barbara, fumigation services are often required to get rid of infestations. Western Exterminator specializes in helping customers solve pest problems with full and partial facility fumigation treatments. Our suite of fumigation services include: 

  • Container Fumigation
  • Structural Fumigation
  • Silo Fumigation
  • Commodity Fumigation
  • Home Fumigation

Contact our team at (800) 937-8398 to schedule a fumigation for your home or business. 

Need more information about Santa Barbara pests?

For more information about common pests around the state of California and in the Santa Barbara area in particular, click on the links below:

Our service assurance

Western Exterminator provides a pest control service in four stages: contact, survey, treatment and aftercare, to make sure your pest problem is dealt with in a professional way.

1. Contact

Call us and we will arrange for your local pest specialist to contact you.

  • Local pest specialists
  • Calls returned within 24 hours (Mon-Fri)

2. Survey

We will discuss your pest problem, schedule an appointment and provide a quote and recommendations.

  • Appointment at a time convenient to you
  • Solutions tailored to your pest problem
  • State-certified pest specialists

3. Treatment

Our state certified pest specialists will come to your home or business and provide treatment.

  • Appointment at a time convenient to you
  • Environmentally sensitive approach
  • Child & pet friendly treatments

4. Aftercare

We'll make as many visits as you require to ensure your problem is resolved. 

  • Guaranteed solutions
  • Prevention advice

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