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Pest control for restaurants

You’ve worked to keep your restaurant top notch. You want your diners to return wanting more. With there being so many dining options available to customers today, it's easy for a single pest sighting to ruin your reputation. 

A restaurant experience that involves pests can go viral in seconds. One negative review could cause irreparable damage to your brand. As a part of the world’s #1 commercial pest control company, Rentokil, Western Exterminator has the global expertise to protect your brand. 

Our specially trained specialists will help you address pest pressure areas and make recommendations, including integrated pest management and drain line services. By providing with detailed solutions, Western Exterminator provides you with information needed to make the necessary corrective actions.


Customer service reviews

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Pest consequences that can ruin restaurants

A pest infestation in your restaurant can easily sway customers away from your establishment. A lack of professional pest control services for your establishment can lead to: 

  • Negatives reviews and social media exposure 
  • Loss of customers 
  • Revenue losses 
  • Food safety violations and customer illnesses 
  • Health department closure

Common core pests found in restaurants

  • Cockroaches & other crawling insects – Western Exterminator’s pest specialists have a state-of-the-art control solutions and prevention methods to resolve crawling pest issues in any restaurant environment. Don’t let cockroaches, ants or any crawling insects put in any unwanted reservations on tables meant for guests.

  • Flying insects – Flies can ruin a patron’s experience – protect your customers and your brand with Western Exterminator’s range of solutions.

  • Rodents – Through strategic and secured bait placements, Western Exterminator is able to prevent rodents from gaining access to your business. We practice integrated pest management to effectively and safely protect your bar and restaurant from rodent infestations.

Why Western Exterminator?

Western Exterminator is a member of the Nation al Restaurant Association which is dedicated to the mission to advance and protect America’s restaurant and food service industry. The NRA represents and advocates for food service industry interests. 

Your Western Exterminator specialist is professional and dedicated to providing you with the best possible commercial pest control service. 

To schedule an appointment with one of our pest specialists, call us at 800-937-8398 or fill out our online contact form.

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National Restaurant Association

Western Exterminator is a proud member of the National Restaurant Association (NRA).