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Western Exterminator has become one of the leaders in reliable, fast, local pest control in Palmdale, California. We spend time making sure that our exterminators know the latest technology and methods to provide effective integrated pest management. 

We get rid pests inside your home or on your property, but also seal access points, remove habitats and stop them from returning.

Since 1921, we have been the exterminators Palmdale, CA, residents and business owners call on when they want to protect their reputations which can be tarnished by pest issues. We make sure to treat your homes and businesses as if they were our own and provide reliable, thorough, pest control and pest prevention service.

We are based out of Los Angeles in Los Angeles County. This also means we have yellow trucks ready to go in Palmdale, Santa Clarita, Lancaster and other nearby communities. See how we protect your home regardless of where you live in our service area, with our Reduced Impact Residential Program.

To find out how we can help you, call us at (661) 273-8188 or fill in our online form to schedule an appointment.

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Pete Torres

I find a great satisfaction helping my neighbors. There's nothing like seeing the relief in there faces when you've solved a nagging pest issue. Every day has been different and challenging in the last 28 years of my career. Being involved in your community shows that you care and gives you an insight into new pest problems. Each of our technicians is provided with the most up-to date training and support in the industry. All of our staff and their families live in the local community.

Local pest removal experts

Our experts are trained to identify the signs of pest activity in your house. Western Exterminator has an expert who can do the detective work to find the pest and provide a solution that works with you, your schedule, and your family.

Our pest control experts can deal with most pests, including:

Whatever you think you might have, call us and we'll send someone out there fast. We are local exterminators in Palmdale, CA, and that means the area is our home, just like it is yours. We will get to your property fast to get the pest control problem you're having resolved.

Bed bug control Palmdale, CA

Bed bugs are insidious in the way they operate. They sneak out from their hiding places in the middle of the night and feed on human blood like little vampires. Usually, the first indication that you have a bed bug problem is reports of people waking up in the morning covered on your arms, torso, neck or legs with tiny red bite marks.

Our bed bug exterminators on the Palmdale team will do whatever is needed to find the insects. We have bed bug dogs and detection methods to track them down and the latest and most advanced methods of bed bug removal.

Make sure that bed bugs are really eliminated from your home, during all life stages, so you can stop worrying. Call us to book a bed bug inspection today.



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