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How to identify different types of rodents

There are many different types of rodents that could be infecting your property. The benefit of using Western Exterminator to get rid of your rodent problems is that our experts train extensively to know the signs of rodent infestations.

Western Exterminator specialists understand that rodents can be upsetting to property owners. From the backyard to the attic, there is no limit to where rodents might be causing damage. We can help you figure out which rodent is invading your space, offer a rodent removal program and provide prevention plans to stop them from coming back.

If you think you have a rodent problem on your property then contact your local Western Exterminator office today.

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Other types of wildlife

Western Exterminator provides relief from rodents, but also can get rid of other wildlife that is affecting your property. Gophers, squirrels, chipmunks, moles, and voles are classified as other wildlife and may not be treated the same as mice or rats. It's important to determine what you are seeing because it could affect what type of treatment is applied. Be sure to contact Western Exterminator if you are unsure.

Other wildlife for which Western Exterminator will provide solutions includes:

Not sure what rodent you're seeing? Contact Western Exterminator.

Western Exterminator gets rid of rodents

If any of the above rodents infest your property, trying to take care of it yourself can be problematic. Using the wrong methods on the wrong rodent can lead to further infestation. 

Our experts are trained to know the signs of rodent infestations as well as the difference between moles, voles and other rodents. Our pest specialists will identify the rodent infestation and work to fully remove the rodent causing the damage, including their nests. Then we provide follow-up treatments and offer advice to prevent a return infestation. Our approach will keep you safe and can end up saving you money on costly repairs!

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