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Pest survey: Your pest nightmares illustrated

At Western Exterminator, we know more than most how quickly a cozy family home can suddenly be transformed into a horrifying haunted house, riddled with hungry mice, scary spiders, and creepy crawlies. So, when we asked 1,000 US homeowners what they thought of the very worst pests that invade their homes, it was no surprise to us that the impact they have on people’s lives and relationships is chilling!

Pest infestation guilt

We blame ourselves for having pests, with 81% of Americans feeling guilty if a mice infestation happened in our homes while 86% feel the same about bed bugs, our recent survey reveals.

Americans blame themselves for pests

Dating with pests

Our survey found that over 90% of people would feel uncomfortable inviting even their closest friends, family, and partners over if mice were in the house, while a massive 96% said the same about bed bugs. Indeed, most people would also feel a considerable amount of guilt if mice or bed bugs were stalking their shadows, and only 8% of females said they would ever date someone who suffered from a bed bug infestation.

Spooky pest nightmares

These spooky numbers highlight the terrifyingly intimate invasions household pests can cause, and how deeply such infestations can affect personal relationships. We decided to reach out to some of these homeowners to find out their most disturbing stories of pest invasions to get you in the mood for the Halloween season and (hopefully) get you prepared for any infestations you may suffer from in the future…

82% of men and 78% of women said they would feel guilty if they had a mice infestation in their home, but just think how bad you would feel if you had giant rats invade your home…

Giant rat in NYC apartment

Only 41% of people said they would move out of their house because of mice, although a few more people may consider eating outside if they start trying to share your dinner!

Mice at Thanksgiving

95% of people may feel uncomfortable having people over to their house because of bed bugs but imagine how uncomfortable they’d be if giant spiders were roaming your corridors!

Spiders in Bed

Halloween is certainly a spooky time, but it becomes a lot scarier when you get surprise pests involved!

Mice in Pumpkin

“Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite…” There’s no sleeping for this bed bug sufferer, even after they’ve been banished from the bed!

Bed Bug Nightmares

Rid yourself of pest nightmares with Western Exterminator

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