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Termite treatment

Based on the layout of your home and severity of termite infestation, your certified Western Exterminator technician will create a customised termite control plan tailored to your individual needs. Some of the solutions we provide include:

Sentricon® termite bait and monitoring

This treatment disrupts the termite molting process, stunting their growth, and is applied to areas at most risk of attracting termites, such as moist soil or mulch, old tree stumps, irrigation sprinkler heads and downspouts. Sentricon® above-ground and in-ground bait stations provide continual protection without causing damage to your property.

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Your Western Exterminator termite expert will install and routinely monitor these stations for termite populations. If termite activity is detected, bait is added to the system. Worker termites consume the bait and return it to the nest, infecting and consequently eliminating the colony. The bait inside the stations are highly palatable to termites, and non-toxic to children and pets.

These unobtrusive stations help detect, monitor and target termite populations. Any evidence of increased termite activity will see an increased number of termite service visits to ensure optimum protection of your home.

What you need to know

Sentricon® termite bait and monitoring stations employ a two-pronged approach in termite treatment and termite prevention and sees immediate results upon installation. Above-ground bait stations are placed in areas of termite activity within the property, while in-ground termite bait stations are placed around the perimeter of your property to detect and eradicate subterranean termite activity.

Most above-ground bait stations will be placed in the earth, but installation of in-ground monitoring and baiting stations may require holes to be drilled into concrete or paving.

Who should use this

Suited for homeowners and businesses who want to take proactive steps to protect their property, particularly in areas at high risk of subterranean termites.

Termite fumigation services

Termite fumigation involves preparing and carefully tenting your home. Precise amounts of fumigant (calculated based on a variety of factors including the target pest, temperature and size of the property) is released into the tent. The fumigant gas penetrates deep into the wood and permeates hidden areas such as crawl spaces, eliminating every last termite. The fumigation tent is then vented, leaving behind no surface residue or living termite.

What you need to know

Fumigation eliminates 100% of termites in a single treatment, but as it involves the use of powerful chemicals, requires homeowners to prepare their homes before the treatment is carried out.

Who should use this

Suited for homeowners and businesses with severe, widespread or inaccessible termite infestations.

Chemical termite barriers

Chemical termite barriers are an effective treatment when it comes to termite removal. It involves the application of liquid chemicals to the soil, either under concrete flooring and/or around the perimeter of the property foundation. This creates a protective zone around the structure, eliminating any termite which enters the treated area.

What you need to know

Installation of chemical termite barriers may involve minor alterations to the property (drilling of holes into concrete, temporarily moving air conditioning systems etc.) Treated zones need to be periodically replenished, the length of time between treatments will depend on your property and the density of termite colonies in your region.

Who should use this

Suited for homeowners and businesses who want to take proactive steps to protect their property, particularly in areas at high risk of subterranean termites.

Physical termite barriers

Physical termite barriers offer long-lasting protection for your property without the need for topping up with additional chemicals. Even building slabs built to strict standards can sometimes crack, allowing termites to enter your home undetected. Western Exterminator physical termite barriers prevent subterranean termites, capable of fitting through a gap sized 1.5mm, from gaining access into your property.

A layer of protective material is laid before your slab is poured or as a partial barrier to the perimeter of the structure and pipe penetrations to stop subterranean termites from gaining access.

What you need to know

For home builders, Western Exterminator supplies pre-construction termite barriers. Our highly skilled and trained customer service staff provide professional recommendations, consistent service and a single point of contact for all your building needs. Find out how a partnership with Western Exterminator can support your builds today.

Who should use this

Suited for home builders or customers building a new property or extension.

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A State-certified Western Exterminator specialist will perform a thorough inspection of your home, looking for evidence of termite activity and potential risk areas.

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If we find a termite infestation - or the potential for one - Western Exterminator will customise a treatment or protection plan specific to your needs.

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In the unlikely event of recurring termite activity following your treatment, Western Exterminator will be back to treat your home - at no additional cost.

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Termite Treatment

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