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Termite control

Termites can devalue your home by up to 25%. Widely regarded as one of the most destructive pests, termites cause $5 billion in property damage each year. In the Western United States, subterranean termites, formosan termites, dampwood termites and drywood termites all present a significant threat to home and business owners, especially if left unmanaged.

Since 1921, Western Exterminator has been developing the most comprehensive termite treatment and termite control solutions to protect your home or business. If you suspect that termites have already set up nests and are causing damage, contact your local Western Exterminator office and bring in the termite control specialists for an inspection.

How to get rid of termites

Once a termite infestation is established, it can be hard to get rid of. Homeowners are often tempted to try and get rid of termites with DIY methods, but miss a few termites - or the termite queen - and you’ll have another infestation on your hands in no time.

Your best bet for getting rid of termites is to contact your local Western Exterminator termite control specialist for a free termite inspection. There are, however, a number of things you can do to try and get rid of termites yourself. Of course, DIY methods are often unreliable and none of these are guaranteed to work. They may even be dangerous if chemicals are not used properly. We’ll help you determine the best treatment options to completely eliminate termites and offer comprehensive recommendations to prevent recurring or returning infestations.

Baiting stations

Designed to scientifically eliminate subterranean termite colonies, this treatment exploits termite biology and behavior. Worker termites take and transfer the bait throughout the nest. 


The most effective of termite treatments, termite fumigation involves preparing and tenting your home, and filling the tent with fumigant that penetrates deep into the wood, wiping out the infestation.

Liquid treatment

Safe for children and pets both indoors and out, liquid chemicals are applied to the soil beneath concrete flooring and or around the entire perimeter of your property's foundation to treat termites.

Termite protection

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Protection with PestFree365+

When it comes to protecting your property, Western Exterminator knows that no two homes are alike. Our termite experts will work with you to develop a customized plan that is right for your home and family. Whether you are seeking termite treatment for a documented issue or you are interested in preventive pest control, Western Exterminator is here to provide you with comprehensive coverage for your peace of mind.

PestFree365+, Western Exterminator’s year-round pest control program includes coverage against 36+ of the most common pests as well as a termite inspection each year. Maximize your home’s protection with PestFree365 + termite which combines our year-round pest management program with termite baiting and monitoring.

Western Exterminator's Termite Home Protection Plan

It is estimated that 1 in 4 properties will be attacked by termites over its lifetime and most home insurance policies do not cover against termite damage. Western Exterminator’s Termite Home Protection Plan acts as termite insurance against damage caused by termites* for your peace of mind.

Our Termite Home Protection Plan is a structural home timber replacement warranty that protects you from potentially expensive repair bills and is backed by Western Exterminator, not a third-party. We stand by the quality of our work and are confident in our experience and expertise to defend your property from termites.

Eligibility for our termite warranty

Your property may be eligible for the Termite Home Protection Plan after Western Exterminator has:

  1. Completed a termite baiting program and/or termite barrier treatments or
  2. Completed two consecutive, annual termite inspections where no termite activity has been detected (subject to further criteria). Depending on the geographic location and condition of the property, buildings will need to be inspected and assessed individually for optimum protection against termite attacks. The Western Exterminator termite warranty can be transferred onto future owners of the property.

* Terms & conditions apply, please contact your local office for more details.

Termite prevention

Almost every home across the Western U.S. may be at risk of termite infestations, but do not lose hope. The fight against this costly pest is not lost with professional termite control and simple measures that homeowners and businesses can take to prevent termites.

Preventing termites: Top indoor tips

The best way to prevent termites is to make your property as inhospitable to them as possible. Here are some simple termite prevention measures to consider:

  • Seal the property, particularly doors and windows - Ensure that termites cannot gain access to the wood skeleton of your property. Seal up cracks in siding and rooftops. Look for access points in the foundation too, and ensure all potential entry points are sealed shut.
  • Repair leaking taps and pipes - Doing so will reduce moisture levels, which attract subterranean termites to your property.
  • Mop up moisture - Moisture is essential for most termite colonies to thrive. Make sure the property is well-aired and kept dry.
  • Regularly inspect wood furniture and floors - In addition to the joists, wooden beams and other wooden structures, termites will gladly feast on wooden deck furniture or hardwood floors around your property.
  • Tidy up clothing piles - You may not think of termites eating clothing, but the cellulose they feed on can be found in fabrics, too.
  • Ensure that vents to subfloor areas are never blocked - Substandard ventilation in the sub-floor areas of your property will result in high humidity and high moisture levels. Good ventilation and extraction fans where necessary are essential to reduce the risk from subterranean termites.
  • Divert all hot water services & air conditioning overflows away from the side of the house - Ensure all downspouts are properly connected.
  • Regularly check that termite shielding is not damaged or breached in any way - While metal strips or ant caps around the foundation of your home do not prevent termite entry, they force termites out into the open where they can be detected with regular termite inspections.

Preventing termites: Top tips for outside your home

Take steps to protect the entire exterior of your home against termites to ensure no points of entry along the perimeter of the property. Here are some simple termite prevention measures to consider:

  • Remove woodpiles - Do not store stacks of wood against your building and remove old, rotted, damp logs and tree trunks to prevent termites from building nests there.
  • Fix broken roof tiles - Termites don't require much space to reach the soft, chewy wood skeleton of your property. Broken roof tiles offer the perfect access.
  • Use only termite treated timber in garden beds, retaining walls or fence posts - Do not use untreated timbers to form garden beds or retaining walls, as these will attract termites to your property.
  • Construct timber fences and support posts with a two-inch clearance between the timber and soil - Without the clearance, termites gain easy access without detection. Galvanized post shoes that elevate the timber off the ground are available from most hardware stores.
  • Keep your garden neat - Termites will use overgrowth from gardens or the lawn to gain access to your home. Keep the garden tended, grass trimmed and overgrowth away from the house.
  • Don’t allow climbing plants or bushy gardens to grow against the structure - Climbing plants growing against the side of the structure of your property provide termites undetected entry points.
  • Do not plant trees known to send roots under slabs close to the property - The roots of some plants can penetrate the foundations of your property, allowing termites access that is very difficult to locate.
  • Be aware - Building alterations or additions may change previous termite protection, sometimes rendering them ineffective. Adding a gazebo, new awnings, concrete slab extensions, or even plumbing can provide a route of entry for termites into the property across termite protection previously applied.

Termite removal services

Western Exterminator offers a variety of termite control services to remove termites from your premises. All of our services start with a preliminary inspection of your home, and our termite specialists will make a recommendation for the type of treatment that will effectively get rid of termites. 

*Offer expires 09/30/2022. Offer available to residential customers who purchase a new termite protection plan. This offer does not apply to commercial termite plans or the PestFree365 + Termite bundle plan. The $100 discount will be deducted from the initial service. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Offer details subject to change. Free inspection applies to current homeowners as of the date of the inspection who make use of the home as their primary residence.



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