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Bee removal

Bees may be beneficial for our environment, but they can be hazardous when they build nests near homes and businesses. This is especially true for anyone allergic to bee stings. It’s never safe to attempt to treat or remove a nest on your own, and it can be dangerous even if you are taking the proper precautions. 

At Western Exterminator, our experts know how to handle any bee problem and know how to take the proper action. Different situations call for different treatments, so contact Western today to find out how we can effectively service your home or business. If you see stinging insect nests around your home or business, call the bee, wasp, and hornet control experts at Western Exterminator. Our stinging insect control specialists have years of experience in safely identifying, treating and removing nests.

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Western Exterminator bee control experts

The professionals at Western Exterminator have years of experience in finding beehives and removing them effectively. We have the right equipment, training and methods to remove a beehive. After the hive is removed we will then work with you to find ways of preventing further bee infestations. Our approach uses fewer chemicals by stopping future bee problems.

We use methods that are environmentally friendly to other bees in the area and we work to protect pollinators. We always follow local, state and federal regulations for bee removal and prevention.

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How to get rid of bees

Bees are essential for our environment; these insects help pollinate plants that help grow our ecosystem. If you or someone on your property is allergic to bees, it is best to stay away from the bees or hive and call an expert.

Using specialized treatments, our experts are able to identify the type of bee on your property and determine the best course of action. The only way to truly determine the next steps is to inspect, because different bees may require different treatments. Our overall approach requires fewer treatments by proactively preventing future problems.

Western knows how to get rid of bees the right way. We follow local, state and federal regulations for stinging insect removal and prevention, and strive to protect pollinators and the environment. Western Exterminator understands the importance of pollinators. Our specialists are trained to follow strict environmental guidelines to ensure pollinators are not impacted when applying external treatments to residents and businesses. Before you take action against bees on your property, contact Western for an inspection.

Call a professional

If bees are giving you a problem, we highly recommend calling a professional. Taking action on your own can be dangerous and bad for the envrionment. Western Exterminator has netted hats, specialized suits, and bee poles to help control bee swarms and hives, and will take the proper precautions depending on your situation.

If you have bees in or around your residential or commercial property, please contact Western Exterminator today to get an inspection.



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