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Bee control

Bees may be beneficial for our environment, but they can be hazardous when they build nests near homes and businesses. This is especially true for anyone allergic to bee stings. It’s never safe to attempt to treat or remove a nest on your own; and it can be dangerous, even if you are taking the proper precautions. 

At Western Exterminator, our experts know how to handle any bee problem. We understand that different situations call for different treatments. Contact Western today to find out how we can safely and effectively control bees around your home or business. Our stinging insect control experts have years of experience in identifying, treating and safely handling bees.

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How to safely prevent bees

Bees pollinate plants that help grow our ecosystem and are essential for our environment. If you or someone on your property is allergic to bees, it is best to stay away from the bees or hive and call an expert. Once on site, an expert can determine the safest and most effective course of action. It may involve bee control treatments or complete hive or swarm removal from a licensed beekeeper.

Western’s bee experts know how to get control bees the right way. We follow local, state and federal regulations for stinging insect removal and prevention, and strive to protect pollinators and the environments where they live to ensure they are not impacted when applying external treatments to residents and businesses. Before you take action against bees on your property, contact Western for an inspection.

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If bees buzzing around your home or business are putting your health or someone else’s at risk, or have become a nuisance or structural concern, call one of our bee control experts. Taking matters into your own hands will not only put you at risk of being stung, it may also adversely impact the environment. Our experts live in the areas they service and are familiar with the species of bees living in California, Washington, Arizona and the Pacific Northwest. With nearly 100 years of innovative bee control solutions, your Western Exterminator expert will customize a plan to fit your needs. Contact Western Exterminator today to schedule an initial bee inspection.

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It's important to have the proper information about bees before taking action. Read some of our blog posts for localized information about bees along with other tips on how to identify different kinds of bees.



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