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To get a bit technical, wasps are insects in the Hymenoptera order and the Apocrita sub-order. Wasps are often mistaken for bees and confused with other stinging insects like hornets and yellowjackets. Wasps are notorious for building their nests right in places where people like to gather, like around your deck or under the eaves of your roof in your backyard, and for viciously defending their nests.

Wasps come in all shapes and sizes. Unlike bees, some wasps are solitary while others thrive in large colonies. Some wasps survive entirely on nectar from plants, but others are parasitic and will attack other insects. They have a painful sting, and unlike bees, wasps do not leave their stingers behind. That means they can sting someone over and over again - which makes them particularly painful pests.

At Western Exterminator, we are your wasp control professionals, we know how to find wasp nests and safely remove them so that you don’t have to worry about being stung.

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Wasp Signs

Wasps create their nests from chewed wood or mud (depending on the species). The first sign that you have them is seeing increased wasp activity around your property. Areas where wasps might set up nests include:

  • Attics and rafters 
  • Eaves or any kind of overhang
  • Garages, sheds and outlying buildings 
  • Playground equipment and swing sets 
  • Barbecue grills 
  • Decks, pools and around patio

Although a wasps nest should not be disturbed, as you can see from that list, they often make their homes in places where they are likely to run into humans.

Dealing with a wasps nest can be very dangerous and that's why if you think you have a wasp problem a Western Exterminator wasp control professional should be called.

Wasp Sting Avoidance

First off, a wasp sting hurts. When their nests are threatened or disturbed, they will attack whatever that threat is. Given that a single wasp can sting multiple times, a number of attacking wasps can cause serious harm. Their stings do carry venom, which may be life-threatening to someone who is allergic to stings and they can be painful or get infected even if you don’t have allergies.

Western Exterminator are Wasp Control Experts

If you find a wasp's nest do not take any chances. Trying to knock down the nest or using other methods can backfire and you end up under attack. At Western Exterminator we know how to find nests and use the right safety equipment and treatments to get safely remove wasp nests. We also seal up any entry points that have allowed them into your property and help you prevent their return. We are the wasp control experts who can help.

Our Treatment Means No More Stings!

Western Exterminator will remove the wasps and prevent them from returning. Our Western Exterminator technician will make sure to get rid of the wasps around your property and make sure they don't come back. Contact us online or call 800-937-8398 today.