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Mr. Little's Mallet

Welcome to Western

For nearly a century, two things have reminded consumers of Western Exterminator Company and its trusted services - our yellow trucks and our Little Man with the Hammer. However, ask any of our Western colleagues and they'll tell you we're proudest of the foundation on which we've built our reputation---quality customer service at a fair price.

It's been nearly a century, and our family-company values haven't changed - they are what have made Western Exterminator Company one of the largest, most respected pest control companies in the country. Every day, nearly 1,000 skilled members of our team serve our customers throughout California, Arizona and Nevada. We're committed to a culture of excellence, and we pride ourselves on surpassing customer expectations.

Do you have a termite problem? We can handle it. Maybe you have some itty-bitty bed bugs? Of course, we can take care of that too. Does your business have unwanted guests? Sure thing, we're on it. That's right. We don't only solve pest problems in residential properties, but we sure are good at that, too. In fact, we've been the go-to local pest control experts since 1921.

Western's on-staff entomologists along with our pest control professionals are second to none. We offer expertise you can trust, fast service, flexible scheduling, and the promise of 100% satisfaction - guaranteed.

If you're interested in finding out information about some pesky pest, check out Mr. Little's Classroom, where you'll find some interesting information in his Bug Book that may help you identify your pest right away.

Feel free to contact us with any bug-related questions, or if you need to control nuisance pests and would like to schedule an appointment. We're committed to serving you with a unique and scientific based solution that is best for you and your specific pest issue.

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