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Were Insects on the Table for the First Thanksgiving?


From the very start Thanksgiving has been about food. Of course, the image that you have in your mind about the first Thanksgiving is probably not very accurate. If you imagine Pilgrims bringing out trays with basted turkeys filled with stuffing and pumpkin pies, you might be a little bit off. That’s what we do today, but probably not what they did back then. Continue reading →

Scientists Use Fruit Flies to Advance Genetic Science

Fruit Fly and White Background

You and I both know that fruit flies are pests. This is particularly true in California where our headquarters is located. It wasn’t all that long ago that much of the fruit crops throughout the state were threatened by the Mediterranean Fruit Fly and we still have laws in effect that strictly guard our crops to make sure they don’t come back.

It’s kind of a funny thing to think about considering how tiny most fruit flies are. It just proves that old adage that the smallest things can pack the biggest punch.

So, it’s established, that fruit flies are, generally speaking, pests and Western Exterminator are experts in helping people with fruit fly infestations to get rid of them. However, there are people in the scientific world who absolutely love fruit flies. Continue reading →

20 Movies that Will Make You Call An Exterminator (part four)

20 Movies blog

The final four! Yes, it’s the month of Halloween and people are thinking about scary and creepy things, so it only stands to reason that we round out our list of the “20 Movies that Will Make You Call an Exterminator” this month. It’s been a lot of fun hearing your thoughts on this topic, making suggestions, and telling me where I am way off.

We have been through cheesy 70s nature horror flicks. We have some true sci-fi, horror and adventure classics on the list. I am sure there are films that I’ve missed, too, or that I just haven’t seen. But that’s what happens when you make a list. There is never enough room for everything.

For the first three in this series the just click below!

Part One: Films #20-#15

Part Two: Films #14-#10

Part Three: Films #9-#5

Now here we are, the final four films. I think that these four are true classics of cinema, giving the maximum bang for the buck here. So, let’s start with the master himself who comes in at number four! Continue reading →

Watch Out for Winter Pests

winter pests collage

Winters are famous for being mild here out West. That doesn’t mean we don’t get some cold air and things don’t turn a bit milder, however. That also doesn’t mean we don’t get pests of all kinds, and that’s because the weather changes cause a number of rodents, insects and creepy-crawlies that you might not want in your living room to seek warmth and shelter inside your home.

That means no resting on your laurels! Take it from Mr. Little, you have to be always-vigilant about pests. As you settle into warmer clothes and holiday shopping, it can be easy to forget that some pests are trying to get into your home and set up their nests.

Continue reading →

Creepy, Crawly Fun for Everyone at the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum’s Spider Pavilion

2015 Spider-Pavilion_Digital-Screens-1 (2)

Spiders are remarkable, fascinating creatures that have become my favorite insect to study and observe. After all, what’s not to like about an insect that can weave a six- foot web overnight and serve as the perfect front man for Halloween – my favorite holiday!

That’s why I am thrilled that Western Exterminator Company is again sponsoring the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum’s Spider Pavilion that runs now through Sunday, November 8.

Visitors to the pavilion, which has been redesigned since last year’s event, will have the opportunity to view and observe more than 300 species of spiders from around the world in their natural habitats. It’s creepy, but it’s a lot of fun, too. How often do you get to see these creatures up close, knowing you don’t need to be afraid? Continue reading →

Fall Means Cooler Temps – More Pests

Western fall pest collage

Although out here in the Western states the fall season is not quite the same as places like the Midwest, the fact is that even out this way the temps get cooler and the climate changes. Although right now the concept of a “rainy season” seems laughable in dehydrated states like California, you never know what El Nino will bring about and that rain may start. During more normal times, this would be the rainy season.

As a home or property owner, you still have to worry about pests looking for shelter. The kind of pests that get very active this time of year and you might run across when you walk into your kitchen or bathroom in the middle of the night, or find scurrying around.

Western Exterminator has been fighting the good fight against insects and rodents for nearly 100 years. We are the experts and know which pests are on the move, so we thought you might like to know, too. Continue reading →

20 Movies that Will Make You Call An Exterminator (part three)

20 Movies blog

Here we are again, another month and another five movies on my “20 Movies that Will Make You Want to Call an Exterminator”. These are my own personal favorites and I thank all of you for sending in suggestions. We have quite a bit more to do, and this month.

We continue with the horror and adventure tales, but this time I had to combine a few movies into one entry, so to be very technical there are more than 20 movies. But that’s okay, because the more the merrier, right?  In this case the movies are part of the same storyline and would be impossible to separate, and it is my list, so I think it’s okay for me to do.

OK, one last time, be sure to check out parts one and two below and if you just can’t wait, you can also check out part four.

Part One: Films #20-#15

Part TwoFilms #14-#10

With that stunning revelation over, let’s move on to movies 9 – 5! Continue reading →

Expel Pests This School Year

Desk of an artist

Much to the dismay of many kids across the West, it’s time to dust off the backpack, sharpen the pencils, figure out the locker combination and head back to school!

Western Exterminator’s Mr. Little wants you to study hard, have fun with your friends and enjoy a pest-free school year. A pest-free school year? Yes, there are pests in schools and we aren’t talking about the table of freshman in the cafeteria posting photos to Instagram of their lunch! Continue reading →

20 Movies that Will Make You Call an Exterminator (part two)

20 Movies blogWelcome back! So, last month I started ranking some of my all-time favorite movies that feature all kinds of pests from rodents to bugs and everything in between. I’ve managed to pick 20 that I think are particularly chilling and that will likely have you reaching for the phone to call the pros at Western Exterminator the next time you see a cockroach.

As you might guess, the vast majority of these are horror films, but that isn’t always the case and the insects aren’t always scary. In fact, in this batch, as we look as numbers 14-10, there are adventure tales, a superhero movie and at least one comedy that make my top 20 best bug/pest films of all time. Continue reading →

Fleas and the Plague


The recent news that a California resident tested positive for plague after visiting Stanislaus National Forest and Yosemite National Park this summer serves as a reminder of the dangers pests can present.

Plague is an infectious disease that affects rodents, certain other animals and humans, and is caused by the Yersinia pestis bacteria. According the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people most commonly acquire plague when they are bitten by a flea that is infected with the plague bacteria.

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