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Wildlife control services

Wildlife pests can create a hazard for both home and business owners alike. Not only do they pose health risks, but they can also cause serious damage, resulting in thousands of dollars in repairs. As a property owner, the risk of having a wild animal in or around your home or business at some point is inevitable.

Knowing the proper way to control and remove these nuisance pests is the safest way to deal with any wildlife species. Our specialists at Western are very knowledgeable in wildlife control and have the best control and removal methods to keep your property safe.

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Control wildlife: the Western way

Western Exterminator’s wildlife control services involve the capture and removal of nuisance pests on your property. A Western specialist will perform an Animal Entry Point Inspection to identify any potential entry points for the pests. If any critters are found, your specialist will provide you with a plan to trap and remove them from your property.

Wildlife includes any animal that is not considered a pest, such as bats, chipmunks, gophers, moles, raccoons, skunks, squirrels, and voles. Our specialists adhere to all state laws and regulations for any protected species.

Why do I need wildlife control?

Your property is a huge investment. Taking corrective action now is the best way to safeguard your home from destructive pests. Unwanted wildlife pests can cause serious damage to both your property and building structure, resulting in costly repairs if not treated properly. These unwanted pests can also pose serious health risks and cause harm to crops and plants. Whether you own a home or business, wildlife control will keep you, your family, your employees, and your customers safe.

Frequently asked questions

Getting rid of widllife often leads to questions, because there are many different types of wildlife located all over the West. Here are a few of our most asked questions.

  • What kind of wildlife do you remove?

    Wildlife includes any animal that is not considered a general pest. We adhere to all state laws and regulations and stay aware of many non-target species. At Western, we control and remove:

    • Bats
    • Chipmunks
    • Gophers
    • Moles
    • Raccoons
    • Skunks
    • Squirrels
    • Voles

  • When can you remove bats?

    Individual states determine their own bat removal start and stop times, so it varies by state. Bats can typically be removed between April and May and then again between August and October. Bat removal times also depend on nighttime weather and temperatures.

  • How can I get rid of chipmunks?

    There are various DIY chipmunk removal methods, however, we do not recommend trying to get rid of chipmunks on your own. If you have a true chipmunk infestation, missing just a few can create a larger problem. The best way to get rid of chipmunks on your property is to contact a local pest control company for proper removal and control.

  • How can I keep squirrels off my property?

    The best way to keep squirrels off your property is to make your yard less attractive to them. Keep plants and shrubs cut short as squirrels don’t like a lot of open space, and trim tree limbs away from your house so they can’t use the branches as access points to your roof.

  • What’s the difference between moles and voles?

    Moles and voles differ both in their appearance and in their behavior. Moles have enlarged front feet, pointed snouts, and very tiny eyes and ears. Voles have rounded ears and bodies, making them look more like a mouse.

    Moles live underground in tunnels feeding on earthworms and arthropods, whereas voles live in low-lying vegetation and are primarily herbivores.



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