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Whittier, California is a growing community and a college town. That means the city has people from all over the country coming here to learn and to start businesses and own homes. The last thing any of these people want to have to deal with is pest issues, but the good news for residents of Whittier, there is a Western Exterminator office nearby who can help.

Western Exterminator's pest control specialists are familiar with the Whittier area and are trained to know which pests are infesting buildings and homes during different times of the year. If the pests are rodents, ants, flies, spiders, bed bugs, cockroaches or some other pest, Western Exterminator specialists can help.

First thing, contact your local Whittier pest control specialist at Western Exterminator today to set up an appointment.

Aaron Jancan

I'm Aaron and I've been with Western for nearly twenty-two years. I take great pride in my job and the fact that every one of my employees cares about their customers like their own family. Personally, I find great reward in the opportunity to rid a customer of their pest problems.

Bed bug control services in Whittier, CA

There's nothing worse that discovering you could be sharing your bedroom with some uninvited insect guests. No one wants to be sleeping in their bed and awake to see bite marks and discover they've been a meal for bed bugs. Rather than panic about a bed bug infestation, contact your Whittier bed bug control specialist at Western Exterminator.

Western Exterminator has California-licensed specialists that know where to seek out the hidden pests and offer solutions that will eliminate bed bugs completely. Leaving behind just two bed bugs can result in a new infestation forming, so get rid of them thoroughly throughout your property by partnering with Western Exterminator.

Contact us today and tell us about your bed bug issue and we'll get one of our specialists out to your property right away.

Professional fly control for Whittier, CA

Flies are not the healthiest of creatures to have around. The filthy insects will immediately start feeding on whatever they land on. Given the fact they like to hang around garbage and other nastiness, they can spread unhealthy bacteria pretty easily. Flies are usually a sign of other problems around properties, which is why a Western Exterminator fly control specialist should be called if you are noticing flies indoors.

At Western Exterminator, we are familiar with infestations of flies and stopping them from infesting properties. We will seek out where they are coming from and eliminate the problem infestation. On the prevention side, we can offer you solutions that will stop flies from coming back and bothering you again.

Contact your local Whittier Western Exterminator office today and get rid of the flies once and for all.



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