Signs of Wasp Nests

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Wasp nest identification

When your home is inspected by a Western Exterminator specialist, the first thing they will do is find where the nest is located and identify the type stinging pest insect that has infested the property. 

Are they or are they wasps? Is it a beehive or something else? The recommended treatment will be based on the insects identified in the nest. Think you have a wasp problem? 

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Identifying common wasp nests

There are various types of stinging pests that can build nests near residential homes, including:

  • Mud daubers: - These insects rarely sting and are beneficial by preying on spiders and insects. But, if nests should be removed if they are located in close proximity to people. Western Exterminator technicians have been trained to remove mud dauber nests using the proper safety equipment.

  • Paper wasps - Paper wasps are typically identified by the unique appearance of their nest. When threatened, paper wasps are known to sting multiple times so be careful if you spot a nest on your property. 

  • Ground wasps - There are various types of wasps that dig their nest into the ground. These wasps typically aren't aggressive but if threatened, they will attack.

Professional wasp nest removal

Safety should be your top priority when removing a wasp or bee nest.

A Western Exterminator technician has the latest equipment and training necessary to successfully remove the wasp nest. This includes:

  • Specialized protective equipment that keeps our technicians safe and prevents them from being stung while removing the nest

  • We know how to safely and carefully remove the problem.

  • We use treatments that eliminate the threat from the existing nest, and then we remove the nest carefully.

  • Removing the nest is key because some species of wasp will use an old and abandoned wasp nest and start a new colony.

  • Our experts also know how to offer customers tips to prevent wasps from returning.

Wasps expertly removed

You should be able to use your backyard, deck and all parts of your home without having to worry about getting stung by wasps or stinging insects. Trying to remove the nest on your own can lead to attacks and those can be dangerous.

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