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Western Exterminator provides top-notch pest control services for residents of the Twin Falls and Idaho Falls areas. Our team of pest control and customer service experts have over 50 years of local expertise in this market. Formerly known as Steritech, the Western Exterminator team in Twin Falls has been providing quality pest control services in the region for many years. We look forward to continuing the strong relationships we’ve formed and creating new ones going forward as Western.

Our local pest control experts are licensed and insured to work in the states in which they live. The same specialists that work in your neighborhood, live in the area and know the challenges you face in keeping your home pest free. We have local expertise and industry knowledge from multiple professional backgrounds that create a unique and special team, equipped to handle any pest control issues.

Besides Twin Falls, other cities we service include:

  • Burley
  • Rupert
  • Hailey
  • Sun Valley
  • Jerome
  • Hangerman
  • Idaho Falls
  • Pocatello
  • American Falls
  • Rexburg
  • Blackfoot

When you're facing a pest infestation, the best solution is to contact a professional who is trained in how to get rid of the pests, whether you're dealing with ants, mice, spiders, bed bugs or other creatures. Contact us online to arrange a time for us to visit your property and learn more about your issue.

Kent Kinghorn, Service Center Manager

With more than 23 years of pest control industry experience, Kent Kinghorn initially began as a residential pest control technician. After joining Western, formerly Steritech in 2003, Kent worked his way up to an Operations Manager and then General Manager, covering seven states in the west market. Kent currently holds the title of Service Center Manager, overseeing Eastern Idaho, Utah and parts of Wyoming.

Bed bugs in Twin Falls, ID

Bed bugs are one of the most infamous pests in existence, and their sneaky nature means they can be hard to locate and eliminate. That’s why it’s crucial to get in touch with a bed bug professional if you have seen signs of these insects around your home or business in Twin Falls. Western Exterminator specialists know how to get rid of bed bugs and can give you advice for how to keep them from returning.

Bed bugs are able to spread from room to room within a property - all the more reason to act quickly when an infestation is at hand. The presence of these insects can ruin a brand’s reputation and you especially need to stay vigilant if you operate a hotel or apartment building. When you contact Western, we will visit your property to conduct a thorough inspection and identify the best course of action.

Reach out to us today if you suspect you’ve got a bed bug problem.

Spiders in Twin Falls

Although spiders terrify some people, not many types of spiders create a real health danger to humans. In fact, these arachnids can actually be helpful because they feed on insects. Still, as you may have experienced, spiders can become a pain when they enter your property and build webs inside.

At Western Exterminator, we realize that spiders should not be present inside a home or other building and we know webs are not pleasing to the eye. Our specialists will do what it takes to get rid of your spider problem and can even talk to you about how to keep them from coming back to your premises in Twin Falls.

Get in touch to tell us more about the spiders you’ve seen around your property. We will be able to provide a solution that eliminates these eight-legged creatures and the annoyance they cause.

Twin Falls, ID cockroach control

You should take a cockroach infestation seriously, as cockroach droppings are capable of contaminating food, and that could turn into a problem if you work in food processing or the restaurant business. Additionally, cockroaches are suspected of carrying microorganisms that bring on disease. The pests are believed to spread germs onto surfaces which can contaminate food. A cockroach infestation could lead to a public relations nightmare if you’re not careful.

For these reasons, it’s important to take action right away when you spot signs of cockroaches. You should consult with a professional who has expertise in cockroach control rather than attempting DIY methods. Western Exterminator specialists in Twin Falls understand the appropriate way to get rid of cockroaches and will work with you to make sure these troublesome pests are gone.



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