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Torrance, California has a moderate to temperate climate that makes it an ideal environment for certain pests. Pests like spiders, flies, rodents, bed bugs and other pest issues can thrive in the businesses and homes in Torrance. That's why Western Exterminator has been an important part of the Torrance community, providing local, reliable, trusted pest control service here for decades.

Whatever the pest issue is, our highly trained and certified pest control specialists can help. We provide free property inspection that will identify not only the ongoing pest issues but also conditions that could attract other pests in the future. Western Exterminator’s pest removal and pest control solutions for your property will eliminate the existing pest issue and prevent problems down the road.

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Bill Newman

Hi, I'm Bill and I've been in the pest control business for 29 years. I really enjoy it because I meet new people every day. This job also provides something new nearly each day. Just when you think you've seen it all, a unique and challenging problem comes up and it's up to our team to find a solution. It's very satisfying to help people and to have a company behind you like Western.

Bed bug control Torrance, CA

Bed bugs are back! That's not good news, of course. Bed bugs are notorious for their need to feed on blood and to do so at night while you're sleeping. So, if you wake up and find red bite marks on your body, call Western Exterminator right away.

Western Exterminator is ready to help residents of Torrance, CA, with their bed bug issues. We offer the latest in bed bug detection methods and effective treatment methods that eliminate the infestation so the pests don't return. We stop the bed bugs fast so you can get a good night's sleep again.

Contact us and get a local Torrance Western Exterminator bed bug control specialist out to your home or business right away!

Termite control in Torrance

If you have spongy floors, or the doors and windows around your property in Torrance, CA, are not closing properly, it’s possible that you may have termites. Do you know what signs to look for? There are a number of pests that damage wood, but the most destructive, causing millions of dollars worth of property damage around the world, are termites.

Western Exterminator termite control specialists know how to find termites. We also offer you the latest and most effect ways to get rid of termites. We also know is the factors on your property that is making it attractive for termites. By eliminating the infestation and the things attracting the termites to the property, we can help you keep your property termite-free.

Contact us today and discuss the termite treatment options we have for you!



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