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Termite treatment

Did you know termites can devalue a home by more than 25%?

If you find yourself under attack by the destructive nature of termites, you want someone you can trust to quickly restore your sense of comfort and safety. At Western Exterminator, our termite treatment plans are tailored specifically for your particular needs.

Fact: A termite colony can consume 5g of wood per day. May not sound like much but without treatment they can remain in a property, undetected, for years.

Effective termite treatments from Western Exterminator

Our Termite Treatment Plans are the best way to take action against a termite attack. To prevent termites before they strike, ask about our Homeowner Protection Plan that can protect your home from both subterranean and drywood termites. Our Termite Expert will recommend a specific solution that best suits your individual situation.

In-ground termite monitoring & baiting

This plan is a form of prevention and treatment. It involves the use of unobtrusive tamper-resistant termite bait stations, which are placed around the perimeter of your home or structure to detect and eliminate the termites. These stations are filled with bait at the time of installation and immediately start the demise of any colonies as well as protect the structure from possible subterranean termite infestation.

Your Western Exterminator Termite Expert will monitor these stations twice each year for termite activity and replace the bait as needed. The bait lasts over a year and university studies show it actually becomes more attractive to termites with age. They seem to like it best when it’s a little more "seasoned." Each station also holds enough bait to eliminate an entire termite colony.

Much like ancient empires, termite colonies are organized into a caste system from which there is no chance of advancement unless you’re the lucky female that’s the queen, who (along with the king) establishes the colony and therefore rules the roost. The lowest rung of the termite totem pole is occupied by the workers, who are also the most numerous members of a colony.

Why so many lowly workers? They’re the ones responsible for rustling up the cellulose that feeds the entire colony. Without the workers, the colony can’t survive. As the termite workers consume the bait and take it back to the nest they share the toxicant with other colony members thereby eliminating the colony.


The termite baiting system is not only 100% effective in eliminating the colony, it’s also environmentally responsible. The bait is placed in a tamper-resistant station and doesn’t leach or volatilize.

The science behind the termite bait exploits termite biology and behavior. Worker termites readily transfer the bait throughout the termite colony with the end result being total colony elimination. The premier bait used in our bait stations was the first product registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under the strict requirements of the Reduced Risk Pesticide Initiative.

This distinction was based on its low impact on human health, low toxicity to non-target organisms (birds, fish and plants) and low potential for groundwater contamination when compared with other commercially available termite treatments.

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Above ground baiting

If termite activity is found, an above ground baiting solution can be used. Above ground bait stations are placed on termite activity within the home or other structures. The termites consume the bait and take it back to the nest, therefore infecting and eliminating the colony.

The bait inside the stations is highly palatable to termites but non-toxic to pets and children.


  • Most stations will be placed in the earth, but installation of in-ground monitoring and baiting stations may require holes to be created in concrete or paving.
  • You may be eligible for the Western Exterminator Termite Homeowner Protection Plan. Ask your Western Exterminator Expert how you can be covered against further termite damage.
  • The baiting stations are placed directly at the location of termite activity. This may be within your home, business or in the garden.

This form of termite prevention and treatment involves the use of unobtrusive termite bait stations, which are placed around the perimeter of your property to not only detect but to fight subterranean termite activity. Once installed, the active bait forms a immediate protection device to fight and defeat the termite colony. Termite workers consume the bait and take it back to the nest. Termites are social insects and the bait transfers during the feeding of their nest mates, infecting and eliminating the colony.

  • Who should use termite monitoring? - A Termite Baiting/Monitoring program is suitable for most people who want to take steps towards protecting their home or business from termite infestations, particularly if you are in a high risk subterranean termite area.

  • What’s special about Western Exterminator termite monitoring? - Apart from having the protection of Western's termite experts, all Western Exterminator In-Ground stations begin working immediately when installed to give you a jump start on colony elimination.

Chemical termite barriers

By the time termites are found, it’s probably already too late, because they've likely been feasting on your home for some time. Termite infestations are not easy to spot by the untrained eye and termites can do incredible amounts of damage. Subterranean termites can be effectively treated with chemical barrier preventative measures, providing a “safety bubble” for your home.

  • What is a chemical termite barrier - A chemical termite barrier involves applying a liquid chemical to the soil, either under concrete flooring and/or around the entire perimeter of your building’s foundations. Our Termite Control Technicians are trained to take care of your home or business, working with you to create an effective barrier with the minimum disruption to your premises and its surroundings.

  • Who should use the chemical termite barrier? - A chemical barrier is suitable for most people who want to take steps towards protecting their home or business from termite infestations. This type of treatment can be implemented at any time, Other chemical termite barriers have to be put in place while construction is taking place (pre-construction treatments or pre-treats), but are extremely effective at discouraging subterranean termite infestations.  

  • Types of chemical barrier - Some chemicals are designed to kill the termites and others are designed to deter them. Every termite situation is different, so choosing the right type of termite chemical barrier for you is very important. Western Exterminator’s experienced Termite Control Technicians are trained regularly to continuously update their expertise in your local area and its environment, as well as with the latest technology so they can empower you to make that choice by providing the very best recommendations for the unique issues are your property.

Termite infestation

Why should termite problems be addressed? A termite infestation can bring great harm to your home or business, and you might not even know these pests are present. That’s why it is crucial to get in touch with a pest professional, set apart time for a termite inspection, and undergo any necessary treatment. Western Exterminator offers you protection and prevention and we have a great deal of experience getting rid of termites. We will help you take action against termite infestation.

Termite treatment cost

It is difficult to give an exact number for how much termite treatment will cost. The cost of pest control can depend on multiple factors, such as how severe the infestation is and the size of the property. If you think termites have invaded your home or business, contact Western Exterminator to set up an inspection. That will allow us to figure out what are the optimal next steps and figure out the termite treatment cost.

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