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Termite exterminator costs

It’s very possible you’ve heard about the extensive costs of repairing homes and buildings which have experienced a termite infestation. Termites are one of the most costly pests in the world, causing thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of damage to homes and businesses. These wood-eating pests  are relentless in their need and desire to devour wood and they do so 24 hours a day without pausing.

However, what are the costs of a termite treatment? Western Exterminator termite experts can identify the species and figure out where their nests and means of access are. Depending on the nature of the termite infestation, we can offer a solution to get rid of the termites entirely and prevent a return.

If you think you have a serious termite infestation around your property, contact your local Western Exterminator office today and discuss the solutions you’ll need to be termite free.

Western Exterminator termite inspections

The first step in determining the costs of termite extermination services is knowing the problem the Western Exterminator specialists are dealing with. Are these subterranean termites or drywood termites? Are the termites outside and next to your home or have they found a way to get inside? Are there mud tubes all over the basement walls or have they gotten deep into the wood?

When you contact Western Exterminator for termite solutions, the first step is to schedule a property inspection for termites. Western Exterminator specialists know all of the nooks and crannies to examine and will discuss with you the signs of a termite problem to see if you should be concerned. To determine the costs, we must identify how bad the infestation is and whether the problem is new or been occurring for a while.

Termite exterminator cost factors

It’s difficult to simply state what a termite extermination will cost. There are a lot of factors that go into the determination and costs involved, including:

  • Seriousness of infestation. If many  termites are present or there is a very large nest in your home or on your property, you may need more extensive treatment to get rid of termites. We will also offer solutions to prevent return infestations.
  • Types of termites. There are different species of termites and pinpointing which type is causing the damage to your property will help determine the type of treatments involved. This will vary the costs.
  • Size of infestation. Sometimes many termites are present and there may be more than one nest involved. Termites can also get deep into the wood, which may require fumigation services and follow up treatments.
  • Size of your property. A termite fumigation or treatment for a home differs from performing a termite fumigation or treatment for a commercial structure. Depending on the size of the property, we may need more specialists involved in the process. The size of the premises may also affect the type of fumigant or treatments and number of follow up treatments.

If you think you have a termite infestation, the best thing to do is contact your local Western Exterminator office and tell them you have termites. Get the process started with a termite inspection and discuss treatment options so the specialist can provide you with an estimate.

Termite exterminator treatment options

Termite treatments can vary in cost due to the nature of the treatment options needed to do the job. Western Exterminator offers several options including:

  • Fumigation - This is the termite exterminator treatment most people picture when they think about termite solutions. Western Exterminator can conduct a fumigation involving use of a tent and introduction of chemicals into the home or building. We will discuss all the fumigation preparation you will need to complete and what to expect during treatment.
  • Heat treatments - This treatment options are used for bed bugs and other pests, too, but it has proven effective for termites. The process uses heat pods to get rid of pests like termites - even those deep inside wood - during all life stages. This treatment does not require a tent or injection of chemical fumigants.
  • Follow up spot treatments - Regardless of which initial treatment is used, follow up inspections and spot treatments will likely be necessary to entirely get rid of the termite nest and all termites.

Western Exterminator termite exterminators will discuss treatment options with you and offer an assessment of which solution will work best for you. We will recommend the strategy offering the best chance of success getting rid of termites and can give advice for how to prevent termites from returning.

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Contact Western for termite exterminator costs

If you have noticed soft wood flooring, abandoned termite wings, mud tubes on the wall, or frass near wooden structures around your home, contact your local Western Exterminator office and tell them you think you have a termite infestation. We can help you understand termite exterminator costs and eliminate the pests effectively while also offering solutions to prevent a new infestation.

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