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Welcome Arizona Exterminating customers! Arizona Exterminating is now officially part of Western Exterminator. Read more on how our two companies became one.

Tempe, Arizona is widely known for the universities and sports events the city hosts. The city attracts visitors from all over the country. Visitors also come for the outdoor activities like golf, hiking, biking and rock climbing. Tempe is a densely populated city, which means pests like rodents, spiders, bed bugs, ants and scorpions are likely to interact, worry and frighten people. 

Western Exterminator has been servicing the western U.S. since 1921, which means we are very familiar with these pests and how they interact with the dry, desert climate. We also understand the concerns of home and business owners and their need to create a pest-free environment for their families and customers. 

For more information on our residential and commercial pest control services, call us at (800) 937-8398 or fill out our online contact form.

Tempe, AZ pest control reviews

Tempe bed bug control

Tempe is home to a number of large universities. Dorms are the perfect breeding ground for bed bugs. If not treated properly, bed bugs can become a health hazard and complete nuisance for students. Luckily, Western Exterminator is equipped to handle bed bug infestations of any kind. 

Our canine detection service is highly accurate in detecting bed bugs in bedrooms, mattresses and mattress frames. For more information on our bed bug removal services, call us at (800) 937-8398 or fill out our online form.

John Hinnershitz

Tempe District Manager

I am a local resident myself, and it is a privilege to work with the people of Arizona. My favorite aspect of my job is working with my customers to solve their problems. I get to meet so many people and help them solve their individual problems with effective solutions that keep them living life pest-free and it's incredibly rewarding to me.

Scorpions in Tempe

Similar to other cities in Arizona, Tempe experiences intense summers and mild winters, which doesnโ€™t give pests like scorpions much of a break. Due to the heat, scorpions seek shelter but this shelter is often shared with people. 

To keep scorpions off of your property, partner with a Western Exterminator pest control specialists will remove the scorpions and provide you with information on how to keep them away.



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