Stored Product Pests

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Stored product pests

There are many bugs that love to eat food. They eat food in the fields where the crops are grown. They love to infest the food when it gets stored away in a silo or storage facility. They can even follow that food home and end up right in your pantry or cabinets. However, if you own a business that does food preparation, food storage or food processing, stored product pests that end up in food can cost you money.

Pests in food are a real problem and it can cost you money in lost product and revenue. These pests can infest a business once they get in, and that's why you need the Western Exterminator stored product pest specialists who can find the infestation, stop the insects that are there, and prevent them from coming back.

If you are experiencing stored product pests in your business then call on Western Exterminator to help. You can schedule an appointment online or call us at 800-937-8398.

Fully integrated stored product pest management

At Western Exterminator we consult with you about the stored product pest problems you are experiencing. We work with you to figure out what kind of insect is infecting your business. Depending on the type of pest you have can determine the kind of treatment we perform.

We are the experts in tracking down the infestation, figuring out what insect has been eating your food and prevent further infestations.

We’ll do everything possible to remove stored product pests from your home or business. To setup an appointment with a Western Exterminator stored product pest control expert, contact us online or call 800-937-8398.

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