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How to Get Rid of Spiders

Spiders are most likely to enter your home in the autumn in search of a warm place to spend the winter.

The best advice, in general, is to leave them alone. This can be difficult for the millions of people who have a real fear of spiders.

Majority of spider infestations are more of an annoyance – particularly their webs. However, on occasions, more serious situations can occur especially when it involves spiders that pose a bite risk.

Spider Control at Home

There are many DIY spider repellent and spider control products available. Spider traps and insecticides can work in the short term, but do not provide an effective long-term solution. The best solution for spider infestations is to call in a professional, but here are some things you can do for spider control in your home.

  • Vacuum regularly, high and low - particularly sheltered spots such as beneath worktops, backs of cupboards or under/behind large furniture.

  • Remove noticeable webs - on a regular basis.

  • Fill in gaps - in walls, around pipework and under doors to deter entry.

  • Remove sheltering sites - like firewood piles, garden bags, compost piles and general clutter from near your property.

  • Deter all insects - use lighting in a way that is less attractive to the insects (flies) that spiders feed on.

Do you Think you Have Spiders?

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Professional Spider Service

Western Exterminator offers a "peace of mind" spider inspection and monitoring service aimed at identifying specific spider species that may be harmful.

If a problem species is confirmed, advice will be given on the most suitable solutions for treatment.

Our qualified technicians are experienced in the field of spider control and provide a range of professional services.

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