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Seattle wasp exterminators

Wasps are much different than bees in the way they sting and their temperament. They are much more aggressive and willing to defend their nests and will do so over a much wider range than bees. Plus, wasps do not lose their stingers and can repeatedly sting someone, injecting venom each time.

Seattle is like other cities during the spring and summer months. Wasps come out and start seeking places to build their nests. This is the time of year when wasp control is at its highest demand in Seattle. Residents of the Emerald City and the surrounding areas can depend on Western Exterminator to get rid of the nests and prevent the flying insects from returning.We can handle wasp nests on commercial property and homes, too.

If you are worried about a wasp's nest somewhere on your property, contact the Seattle Western Exterminator office today.

Wasp nests in Seattle

If you have lived in Seattle for a while, you have probably seen wasp nests around your home. Wasps will use just about any place where they can find some shade and seclusion. Usually building their nests beneath eaves connected to the roofs of homes and buildings, wasps can also build nests around sheds, garages and other areas. Some species of wasp will build nests under decks and other objects around the yard.

Wasp nests can be open ended, allowing you to see inside them and seeing the honeycomb shapes inside where they lay their eggs. Paper wasps create those types of nests and can often be found around homes. However, some species will build nests entirely enclosed with a small opening near the bottom where the workers fly out to find food to bring back to the nest.

Wasp aggression

Wasps will very aggressively defend their nests. They often have wasps who monitor and watch the openings of the nest.If, The monitoring wasps can sense there is a risk and release pheromones which can cause the entire nest to react. If wasps feel the threat is real, wasps will swarm and attack the perceived threat. Multiple wasps will chase away the threat, stinging all the time.

Wasps tend to defend a territory around their nests much larger than those of bees. The defenders are also known to chase after the threat much longer and much farther than bees.

Wasp stings 101

Wasps can sting multiple times. A wasp does not lose its stinger the way bees do when they sting. Wasp stingers are retractable and will extend again and again as they repeatedly sting the perceived threat.

Some species of wasp use their stings to subdue their prey so they can bring the food back to their nests. Some species of wasp just use their stingers for defensive purposes.

Wasps will inject venom when they sting, too. People who are very sensitive to insect stings can be at increased risk of serious health problems with wasps. If you are sensitive to wasp stings, you should seek medical attention immediately.

Getting rid of wasps in Seattle

Getting rid of a wasp's nest is very risky. If it is not done properly or done without the proper protection, the person trying to remove the wasp's nests can end up seriously hurt. Wasps will very aggressively attack any threat and even using an over the counter spray which can cover a long distance may not be far enough to avoid stings.

Wasps are less active at dusk and at night. They will react aggressively if light is shone onto their nests. If a person uses a ladder to reach a wasp's nests, and the wasps attack, they can not only end up stung, but fall off the ladder and be injured.

Often, the risk of trying to get rid of wasps on your own is more costly and risky than contacting a professional.

Your Seattle wasp control experts

Western Exterminator wasp control specialists can find where the nest is located and offer wasp treatments to Seattle property owners which will get rid of the nest and prevent further infestations. Our pest experts in Seattle are also equipped to safely remove wasps and other stinging pests to keep your family safe while they provide the treatments.

Don’t risk the possibility of a wasp attack by delaying removing the nest. If you have a wasp problem, contact the Seattle Western Exterminator office today and get a property inspection scheduled.



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