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Santa Clara, CA, is a city named after the Spanish mission that was built their way back in 1777, when the United States itself was a brand new country. The history of Santa Clara is evident from the buildings, homes and people that live there today. While Western Exterminator has not been in the area for quite that long, we have been helping Santa Clara businesses and homes with their pest problems for decades. In fact, our Western Exterminator pest control specialists call Santa Clara home, just like you do, and are highly knowledgeable about pests throughout Santa Clara County and beyond.

The changing weather throughout the year can change the type of pests that infest properties. We understand the different types of pests you are dealing with throughout the year. Whether you've found you have bed bugs or discovered cockroaches in the kitchen, we have a solution. Our pest control specialists can help with wildlife and other pest issues, too.

Contact us today and set up an appointment with one of our licensed Santa Clara based pest control specialists today.

Eric Graff

I left the restaurant business for an opportunity in the pest control industry. We are solving problems and improving lives. It's rewarding to be able to provide relief from pest pressures to our friends and neighbors in the communities that we service. We strive for perfection, providing a world class level of customer service. We go the extra mile to provide value above the standards in the pest control industry.

Bed Bug Control Santa Clara, CA

Don't let bed bugs disrupt your sleep or tarnish your business. Bed bugs are hard to spot and tough to get rid of, so contact the local experts at Western Exterminator for the latest in bed bug detection, removal and prevention.

Our Santa Clara bed bug control specialists are ready to help you get rid of these insects that feed on blood and leave bite marks on your body. It’s important to act fast when dealing with an infestation of bed bugs. Don't let them breed and spread to multiple rooms.

Contact the experts at Western Exterminator today and get rid of bed bugs throughout your property to stop them from using you for their nightly feast.

Spider Control in Santa Clara

Are you one of the people that suffer from a fear of spiders? Known as arachnophobia, it is a real thing. Too many spiders around your home can be a sign that some other insects have found your property to be a favorite place to hang out. That's why if you think your property is suffering from a spider infestation, you best bet is to call a spider control specialist at Western Exterminator.

The climate around Santa Clara is perfect for a variety of spiders to thrive all year long. Western Exterminator spider specialists will get rid of the webs, eggs and spiders already inside the property and offer advice on how to prevent a return infestation.

Stop living with spiders and spider webs that collect dust and make your home look shabby. Instead, contact Western Exterminator for a property inspection.