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The weather is beautiful in San Juan Capistrano, California, a part of Orange County lined with gorgeous homes and people who want to take care of those homes. At Western Exterminator, we know the community and what pests can be a problem for property owners. We know this because we are a part of the community and are trained to understand which pests are a problem during the various season.

At Western Exterminator, our lives are based on pest control services for homes and businesses. We train all year long to know the latest information about pests such as bed bugs, spiders, flies, ants and rodents. We can help you get rid of them around your property and offer dependable solutions to keep pests away.

We offer a free pest inspection to start and if you want to get rid of pests contact your local San Juan Capistrano Western Exterminator specialist today.

Mark Stackhouse

Hi, I'm Mark, and I welcome the ever-evolving challenges of the pest control industry. While at first I sort of fell into pest control, I quickly found I enjoyed the work and I ultimately decided to make a career at Western because of the great people I’ve been able to work with. When I’m not at work, I enjoy coaching rugby at CSU Long Beach.

Bed bug control San Juan Capistrano, CA

Bed bugs are a potential threat for anyone who lives in San Juan Capistrano because the weather and the fact that it is an area for tourists combine to make it a perfect environment for them to thrive. Whether you own a home or you have a hotel or some other business there is a chance bed bugs could find a way in and start breeding.

Western Exterminator has been at the forefront of the latest methods of bed bug detection and bed bug removal. We know how to find all of the places where they can hide and then use the treatment methods that will eliminate them entirely from a home during all of their life stages. That way, the entire infestation is gone and they do not come back.

Don't sleep with bed bugs. Contact Western Exterminator today.

Termite control San Juan Capistrano

Termites will literally eat you out of house and home. They eat constantly and they are so small and sneaky, you may not even realize that they are there, slowly eating away the wood that makes up your entire home. A termite infestation can cost thousands of dollars worth of damage and are one of the costliest pests in the world. Western Exterminator in San Juan Capistrano, CA, is there to help.

Western Exterminator termite control specialists know the area and which species of termite might be in your home. We know the signs and where they like to hide and their method of infiltration. Termites are tough to get rid of, but Western Exterminator specialists can destroy a nest and then help you prevent a return.

Contact your San Juan Capistrano, CA, Western Exterminator office for a termite inspection and treatment.



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