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Rodent Treatment Options

What makes rodents so difficult to exterminate is their secretive nature and ability to adapt to new environments. Rodents such as, the roof rat, Norway rat and house mouse, have adapted to live with man after centuries of exposure to manmade environments. Unfortunately for property owners, a rodent infestation can lead to the following issues:

  • Contaminated food
  • Damage to structures and materials
  • Spread of diseases

Rodents don’t like crawling about in the open, so they often show themselves in the nighttime moving behind objects and along baseboards of walls. The pests seek warm shelter near food sources. 

Western Exterminator uses treatment options that are proven to keep rodents away. We discuss the nature of the infestation with our customers and develop a comprehensive treatment plan to address any rodent-related issues. 

So, if rodents are so adaptable and covert, how do you keep them away?

Rodent Repellents, Baits & Traps

Rodent repellents are highly effective but potent rodent treatment option. The chemicals in rodent repellents require the utmost care when handling them. There are over-the-counter rodent repellents, but if these repellents aren’t strategically placed on your property, you may not see a reduction in rodent activity.

Western Exterminator pest control specialists are trained to use rodenticides properly. Our experts know where to place repellents according to the nature of your infestation. They also make sure to remove these materials from your home or business after rodent control treatments are completed. We make sure baits are kept out of reach of pets, humans, livestock and wildlife.

For customers who are concerned with the environmental impact of rodenticide, we understand your concern. To clear up some concerns, here are some key points about rodent repellents and rodenticides:

  • If rodents are not present on your property, then there isn’t a need for rodenticide or baits. Pest-proofing and sanitation are components of our green pest control program
  • Rodenticides are only used when there is confirmation that rodents have entered your property
  • If rodenticide poses a threat to non-targeted animals, like pets and wildlife, extra safety precautions are taken

Rodenticide bait containers or “bait stations” are commonly used in the pest control industry. Commercial grade bait stations are made with durable materials, like metal or plastic to reduce the likelihood of accidental poisoning of humans, pets, wildlife etc.

But, no matter how effective the bait station is, if it is not placed in the right location, rodents will not enter it. It's important to use a professional pest control service to ensure rodent repellents are utilized in the correct manner.

Professional Rodent Control

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Rodent Control: Exterior and Interior

When it comes to rodent treatment options, pest control specialists think of exterior and interior treatment options.

The first step in repelling rodents is to survey the area affected by the infestation. We take a hard look at the exterior of the property to see where and how rodents are entering. The NPMA standard of surveying exteriors is to identify:

  • Dumpsters
  • Grass and vegetation
  • Standing water
  • Clutter
  • Neighboring properties

Our pest control specialists will then survey the interior. This includes:

  • Warehouses
  • Water disposals
  • Sanitation areas
  • Returned and finished goods storage

Western Exterminator pest control specialists are trained to reach the source of the infestation, to ensure rodents are exterminated and prevented in the future.