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Rodent removal services

At the first sign of a rat or mouse infestation, you’re probably thinking, what do I do next? How do I get rid of rodents? 

Dealing with a rodent infestation can be incredibly frustrating for homeowners, especially if they’ve never dealt with rodents before. Yes, there are DIY rodent control tips online, but do they work? And, do you want to clean up mouse droppings or rat carcasses? Probably not. 

Luckily, the experts at Western Exterminator provide effective, safe mice and rat removal services. Learn about Western Exterminator’s approach to mice and rat control and see how your home can benefit from our services.

Mice removal services

Mice are tricky to remove once they’ve entered your home. They can hide in small spaces, move fast and reproduce quickly. 

Your Western Exterminator pest specialist will inspect your property to determine the severity and cause of your mice infestation. This will help them determine where to place bait and traps. 

We work around your family, so if you have pets or children, we make sure to bait and traps stay out of the way.

Rat removal services

Similar to mice, rat infestations require expert solutions to effectively remove and prevent them from returning in the future. 

Our pest specialists are trained in the latest methods of searching and removing rats from your home. We seal up entry points throughout your home, including your roof. Rodent repellents are an effective line of defense against these pests and we make sure to use the utmost care when handling these chemicals. 

For customers who are concerned about the environmental impact or rat and mouse control, we incorporate integrated pest management services to our rodent control services.

Integrated pest management solutions

Western Exterminator incorporates integrated pest management solutions or IPM in their rodent removal services. IPM is an environmentally conscious approach to pest control, using fewer chemicals and only treating areas that target rodents. 

Integrated pest management is broken down into four components: 

  1. Set action pest thresholds - Because each rodent infestation situation is unique, we determine the pest population and how environmental factors are playing a role in the infestation. 
  2. Monitor and identify pests - Our pest specialist are educated on how to accurately identify mice and rats, conduct proper inspections, monitor devices and interact with clients. 
  3. Pest prevention - One of the best ways you can prevent a rodent infestation is by practicing good sanitation but there are other methods that your pest specialist can share with you so you can avoid pests in the future. 
  4. Pest control methods - Based on your mouse or rat infestation, your pest specialist will evaluate which pest control method would work best. This can include physical, mechanical and chemical methods.

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