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How to Keep Rats Away

No one wants to find a rat in their home or business. People will often discover rats inhabiting their attics, wall voids, basements and crawlspaces, especially in heavily populated urban areas. Rats breed fast, leave horrible messes, cause property damage and are known to be responsible for spreading several diseases.

Getting rid of rats once they are indoors is difficult. So much so, that it is important to take steps to keep rats away. There are things you can do around your property to make it less attractive to rats. These common sense tips can help you avoid the headache of dealing with a rat problem in the future.

Inspect Your Property

The first thing you need to do keep rats away is be prepared to get a little dirty. You need to inspect your building from top to bottom. That means getting into the corners and places that you probably don't get to much. You will probably need to grab a flashlight to conduct a proper inspection. Areas in your property you should inspect, include:

  • Attic - all of the corners. Roof rats can tear holes in roofing tiles and the roof itself and build nests in attics.
  • Crawlspaces and basements - look for holes and spaces. Remember, rats can fit into very tiny spaces, so even a hole that seems too small should be closed up.
  • Vents - particularly vents that lead beneath the house or under porches. A tiny space in the vents can allow rats to enter.
  • Garages and outside buildings - if rats cannot get into your house, they might chew their way through the rubber sweeps at the bottom of a garage door or into sheds and other outlying buildings.

Make Building Repairs

What you are looking for are any gaps that can allow rats access to your interior. Rats like to hide and will build nests between walls and between floors. Since This can make rats hard to find once they infest a property and start breeding, it's best to seal up the holes when you find them.

Make sure that door sweeps are in good repair. Make sure screens are repaired around windows and sliding doors. Ensure that holes in the roof, floor and vents are also repaired.

Clean Up Property

Rats will use debris and vegetation around a yard to hide and once the rodents settle on your property it will only be a matter to time that they try to gain entry to your property.  Keep rats from infesting your yard by:

  • Cleaning up loose vegetation
  • Making sure that firewood is stored away from the sides of buildings
  • Trimming back bushes, trees and tall grass that encroach on the property
  • Keeping grass cut short

Secure Garbage and Food

Rats are very opportunistic and will eat garbage if garbage can lids are not secured. They will also eat pet food if it is left outside. Make sure that your garbage can lids are locked down as tight as possible, kept away from the building and that pet food is brought inside or disposed of.

Call in the Experts

Of course, if you find that you rats infest your property despite your best efforts, the best bet is to call the experts in rat control and prevention at Western Exterminator. Contact the specialists at Western today and set up an initial property inspection.