How To Deter Rats


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How to get rid of rats

Rats can be a major pest if they get into your property. Crafty and relentless, rats will exploit any gap even though you may have already taken precautionary measures against them. Not only are rats capable of chewing electrical cables - which could cause fires - but they can transmit disease too. Rats can contaminate food via urine and droppings. Besides, rats are pretty frightening to come across in your home or business.

If you have noticed signs of rats, we recommend you seek help from rat management experts for a true solution to the issue. A rat professional can locate the places where rats are based and keep them from entering your property again. These are services that Western Exterminator provides and we are equipped to combat your rat problems.

If you want experts who know how to get rid of rats in your house, multifamily residence or business, we can help. Rodents should not be found inside your home or business and we will get them out.

Getting rid of rats in your property

Conducting an inspection is a key first step toward controlling rats. The inspection includes estimating how big the infestation might be and where rats might be entering. Norway rats like nesting in soil but can also nest in voids in structures. Roof rats build nests in places such as grass and wall voids. Rats can also take refuge in piles of junk as well.

We look at rat droppings as a sign of rats. Rat droppings are typically ½ inch to ¾ inch long and generally bigger than the droppings of mice (which are about ¼ inch long). Rats can also leave dark rub marks on surfaces.

Rodents can make openings larger in order to enter. They nibble an opening’s edges in order to make the gap bigger. The incisors of rats are very hard and may even gnaw through metal. Rats are able to get through extremely small gaps - a sobering fact.

Rat exclusion

Although it may seem like a no-brainer, the most effective method of rat control is not letting them enter your home or business at all. Excluding them is crucial. Once we know how the rats are entering and your property is repaired, that can make a difference. We can educate you about places where rats might be entering and can even offer to seal holes. Also, you can take steps to deter rats through other methods. Learn more about how to prevent them.

Common rat control methods

Here at Western Exterminator, we have thorough expertise in rat control. In dealing with the rats at your property, we make sure to obey applicable laws and regulations:

  • Traps - Snap traps will help decrease the rat population. We can put the traps in rat runways (where rats go from nests to find food). We use food bait with the traps.
  • Bait stations - Bait stations are locked and located within 50 feet of a structure.
  • Fumigation - In certain situations, fumigation can take place but this needs to be carried out by a licensed professional and necessitates specific training.

Remember to let us know whenever you see a rat and do not disturb traps, bait stations, or other control devices we have put in place. Additionally, rats need to drink about ½ ounce to 1 ounce of water each day. Getting rid of sources of water is a good idea.

How to get rid of rats in the walls

It can be annoying and quite scary to hear rats in the walls of your property. Rats can nest in walls and so it’s important to take care of infestations before they become more severe. Exclusion and trapping are good solutions for rats in the walls and Western Exterminator can help you address the issues so these rodents are removed. If you think your walls contain rats, reach out to us today.

How to get rid of roof rats

Roof rats are typically brown mixed with black, and they like nesting in higher places. Make sure you trim your trees and do not let shrubs touch your home or business, because this could allow roof rats to invade. If roof rats have turned into a major issue, let us know, and we will come out to manage the problem.

How to get rid of rats for good

Western Exterminator specialists are well-prepared to identify the places where rats are hiding and will use the ideal rat control strategy to eliminate them. We have a good deal of experience with getting rid of rats and will take the appropriate measures to ensure they no longer bother you.