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For residents of Rathdrum, Idaho, there is no better place to live or work than the beautiful and scenic Rathdrum community. A city that was originally called Westwood, Rathdrum got its name from a town in Ireland by a local businessman. The city dates back to the 1800s and property owners have taken care of and pride in their land ever since.

Western Exterminator takes pride in the Rathdrum area, too. We take pride because our pest control specialist dedicate their lives to providing reliable pest control services to property owners so that bed bugs, spiders, ants, roaches and other pests are taken care of and residents can enjoy their homes without worrying about pests.

You can stop pests, too, and just enjoy your home pest-free. Contact the local Rathdrum, ID, pest control specialists at Western Exterminator.

Mike Craven, District Manager

I'm very excited about my new position as District Manager.  After being introduced to the pest control industry, I felt like I had finally found my niche. I spent the first ten years working in pest control in Boise, ID and the last two years in Spokane, WA.

Rodent control Rathdrum, ID

Mice and rats are not healthy animals to have around. As a homeowner in Rathdrum, ID, you probably already know that when you spot mice and rats inside your home, you need to contact an exterminator right away. That's why Western Exterminator has been the expert in rodent control services Rathdrom residents turn to.

Our certified rodent control specialists have a variety of ways to find where rodents are getting in, what they are looking for and where they are nesting. Our specialists will find how rodents are getting in and offer methods to get rid of the infestation currently plaguing you and offer solutions that will keep rodents away for good - year round.

If you have a problem with rodents around your home or business, contact Western Exterminator today for reliable local pest control solutions.

Bed bug control in Rathdrum

Bed bugs can cause problems even in small towns like Rathdrum, ID. Bed bugs sneak into your home and bedroom through luggage or even the neighbors. They set up their homes in the tiniest of spaces, like cracks, crevices and even the folds of your mattress. Then they sneak out at night and feed on you, leaving behind the red bite marks that are their calling card.

Do not panic if you find the signs of bed bugs around your home. Instead, if you have bed bugs in Rathdrum, call the experts in bed bug pest control at Western Exterminator. We have the latest detection, removal, and prevention methods right at our fingertips and will use them to make sure you sleep through the night bed bug free.

Contact your local Western Exterminator bed bug control specialist in Rathdrum for an appointment.



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