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Rancho Cucamonga, California is close enough to Los Angeles that it shares most of the same pest control problems that the big City of Lights experiences. That means that residents in Rancho Cucamonga have to deal with rats and mice, occasional invaders, spiders, flies, ants and wasps, for example. If it crawls or flies and has become a pest for you, Western Exterminator can help!

Western Exterminator has been a part of the Rancho Cucamonga, CA, area for a long time now. We live and work in the area and our pest control specialists know all about the pests that can get onto your property, cause damage and even pose health concerns.

Stop trying to deal with pests on your own using ineffective DIY methods and contact the trained professionals in pest control at Western Exterminator today!

Ron Quintana

Hi, I’m Ron. I like the pest control business because every day I am investigating and solving new customer problems. As a manager, I not only get to work through day-to-day pest control challenges but I get to coach employees and see them attain the next level in their own careers. Western has the experience, technology, training, and most of all the willingness to make our colleagues and our customers #1.

Bed bug control Rancho Cucamonga, CA

The idea of sleeping with bugs in your bed is not a pleasant one. However, that's exactly what's happening if you have a bed bug infestation. Not only are you sleeping in the same bed as bugs, but bed bugs feed on your blood. The hardy parasites will feed on you during the night and then scurry back to their hiding place undetected. Instead of living with an infestation or trying to take care of a bed bug problem on your own, Western Exterminator can help.

For residents in Rancho Cucamonga your local bed bug control specialist is right down the road or around the corner at Western Exterminator. Our bed bug control specialists will provide you with the latest method of bed bug detection and removal so that we get rid of all the bed bugs and prevent them from coming back.

Contact us today!

Termite control Rancho Cucamonga

Termites don't care about how lovely your property is in Rancho Cucamonga. They need to eat cellulose (found in wood) to survive. No matter how much you love that ornately carved wood around your home, they will eat it from the inside out. Termites are one of the leading pests around the world when it comes to the damage they cause in terms of sheer cost. Thankfully, for Rancho Cucamonga, termite control specialists are close by at Western Exterminator.

Western Exterminator termite control specialists know termites. Our dedicated pest experts have been trained to know what to look for to determine that you have a termite infestation, what types of termites they are, and the proper treatment. We will get rid of the termites and help prevent them from coming back.

Stop the damage that termites cause and contact Western Exterminator today!



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